Net exposure CCTV famous mouth a month hundreds of thousands of zhao4 zhong xiang2: thousands of almost a month

On December 20,

it is reported that recently the network exposure, according to CCTV 10 names mouth salary rui-ying li 280000 yuan a month at CCTV famous mouth at the top of a list of a month. The monthly salary of 280000 yuan, including the orthometric height level of salary, $10000 makeup and allowance of $180000.

according to the exposure of the monthly salary list, LuJian, Dong Qing, shui junyi tied for second with an income of 260000 yuan. Zhu, LLLDD, li yong, a mouth, made the salary is in 200000 yuan of above. In the list, variety show host occupies five seats, anchorman has four on the list, there is a children’s show host of ju, the monthly salary of 200000 yuan.

reporter discovery, most network exposure mouth in the name of the monthly salary by position of wages, makeup and related subsidies. Almost everyone enjoys a magical allowance, LuJian, shui junyi, rui-ying li, LLLDD allowance is 180000 yuan, li yong, wang xiaoya also have allowance of 120000 yuan.

a few years ago, there was talk & other; CCTV host more than 200000 a month & throughout; . In response, the host Zhao Pu through weibo drying out their own wages, didn’t expect him to 6000 yuan monthly salary not only failed to resist rumor, but on more speculation. CCTV host such a low salary is 6000 yuan, or 200000 so high? To this, the veteran presenter zhongxiang CCTV said Zhao Pu low wages, and other I believe so point Zhao Pu wages. Actually in the CCTV is in accordance with the post take wage level, Zhao Pu is a new host, post salary almost like this. Throughout the &;