Net exposure of mouth have a twins named shui junyi water left left right right

shui junyi and wife (figure)

Beijing time Monday night, a net friend & other; Changchun international trade & throughout; Revealed in the blog, famous CCTV host shui junyi longfeng twins for joy at the end of march, a few days before the full moon wine.

wrote: & other; Got the news today, changchun international trade, the famous CCTV host shui junyi’s wife yandi on March 29, birth of a hospital in Beijing, gave birth to a pair of longfeng twins, water right and water right left left. A few days ago shui junyi has just completed a full moon wine for a pair of children. Congratulations, shui junyi! Wish the baby healthy growth! Throughout the &;

shui junyi was wang jun and his ex – wife have one female water also poetry, low-key shortly after the divorce, two people shui junyi yandi with his second wife to marry. Yandi is a reporter on the CCTV sports channel professional billiards story, 13 years old younger than shui junyi.