Net friend about summer will broadcast drama: “the swallow” “monkey” sun every year


recently, microblog everyone in hot so a group of appear on the TV screen & other Acquaintances & throughout; , including the swallow, the white niang son, tong shopkeeper, sun wukong, pack adult, unfortunately & hellip; & hellip; What is there in common between them? Originally, as everybody knows, & other; At the sight of these people, I knew that summer vacation is coming & throughout; ! Today, the summer really comes, hunan satellite TV has broadcast “princess huanzhu” take the lead in the morning, rating of 0.4, the performance even more than part of the TV in the evening primetime channel TV viewers. For the princess huanzhu flow more than 10 years long, the personage inside course of study can not help but sigh: & other; Play is indeed god play! Throughout the &;

net friend’s comments

let’s look at them now without any

& other; Screen acquaintances & throughout; See, every year in forward in joy, also expressed their attitude.

support & ndash; & ndash;

& other; How many years I put it, this drama many immature, anyway, once I see once. Throughout the &;

& other; These series are very classic, very happy, is better than to watch the abuse of the heart, I will catch up! Throughout the &;

& other; Good play is never tireless, which have these classic works now? Throughout the &;

opposition & ndash; & ndash;

& other; For the things I can think of the collapse and they grow old together. Throughout the &;

& other; More than ten years like one day to adhere to play, this is a kind of what kind of spirit! Throughout the &;

& other; Every scene is bad! Let us take to see them! Throughout the &;

classic drama replayed poor ratings don’t play

& other; The swallow & throughout; & other; The monkey sun & throughout; Summer vacation will see

yesterday, uproot shayna on weibo posted a net friend making cartoons, tong shopkeeper, pleasant goat, er kang, the white niang son, tang’s monk, princess huanzhu, justice bao cartoon appeared in this picture, the picture marked & other; When the man of god appeared in TV together, I knew that summer vacation is coming & throughout; . Uproot shayna said: & other; That’s an hand. Throughout the &; Weibo to press, it can be sent more than 30000 times, there are more than 10000 comments, netizens have that.