Net friend spoof “bao zheng is black” : this house is carbon black to sad (FIG.)

still use pigeons the nostalgia of youth

black face bao first heat up on the Internet, this edition is briefly reported 15 “& other du fu is very busy & throughout; later, & other bao was dark & throughout; come”, however, only a few days later, & other; A black fame & throughout; More hot pack adult, the discussion about pack adult for more than forty, follow in all the process of creation, all kinds of cartoon fans are joined, cartoon series are the rage, now, create the & other; Vervet bao & throughout; Jokes surfaced, the authorship of the yangzi evening news reporter interviewed on him.

BaoZhengGong the net friend, very happy

on the web & of all other Help & throughout; Next, kaifeng prefect bao carries a powerful team & other; Through & throughout; To the network of modern world, all kinds of frequent performances, stunning. In the netizens, touts a male sun ce, command with the sword guard exhibition zhao, long with the dynasty mahan get yan-fang came out, share & other; Throughout the past & with bao; . Cause a new round of onlookers, of course, these people’s & other; Fact & throughout; Seems slightly very unkind, because, as described in the bao, they are associated with impartial his face. To ridicule as image, makes baogong involved once again become the focus of peoples attention. It has even been proposed without authorization, bao can sadly changed signature to: & other; This house is charcoal, black to blue & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

because pack adult black, there is a net friend to all kinds of fun, from black to hide evidence in the dark, into black can avoid the assassin after midnight, and then to black to think logoff, netizen plaint, pack adult small crescent forehead deeply explains & other; Throughout the day don’t understand the night’s black &; This concept.

# # into micro kaifeng hottest labels,

netizens poking fun at various body bag black charcoal

such as these, abound. However, various text version of the speech has a & other Can’t stand & throughout; , various bao zheng was dark on the network and popped up cartoon version. Here the comic story is full of fun. Exhibition zhao in front of the computer to the Internet, suddenly a dark screen, thought crashed and was about to restart the computer came the voice of baogong involved: how video opened the along while also didn’t respond? Bao’s mobile phone suddenly show black screen, being criticized by people: & other; You take as background again! Throughout the &; Cartoon form with words, more deeply by surprise.

& other; Bao zheng was dark & throughout; Series of related posts, all have a small label, micro kaifeng # pack adult very busy # or # #. On the Internet, various net friend began to show various micro kaifeng’s post. City public security bureau under the white station tweeting: pack adult but sorghum idol, law enforcement, crime buster, adults of sate recently, but yesterday night meeting adults, small white thrilled, pictured with pack adult # #, sun to Chou Chou, bao simply does not exist & hellip; & hellip;

in addition to pack adult and popular zhen 嬛 body together. Netizens @ crazy Ling childe: pack adult: heard near Japan’s house are many netizens think, weibo, QQ head at this time also for this statue, mistaken for stealth. When soy sauce black charcoal pig feet, silly points not clear. Reasoning the drum poking fun at qi has long ago poet du fu as the list of successors to trespass, hope you for quarter, let me three days and Hugh gas resting to restore energy, not negative you grace. Net friend: people speaking. Pack adult: I want to have a holiday!!!!!

in the carnival entertainment, & other; Micro kaifeng & throughout; The creator first surfaced, it turns out that these jokes original source is fujian membership weibo users & other; Two color landscape ga & throughout; , his name was Huang Zhenhuan, is the domestic well-known fairy tale writer after 80, the flood evaluation, jokes are also popular.

when it comes to writing & other; Pack adult very busy & throughout; The other, huang said: & other; Is about a month ago, one day I suddenly inspired, wrote an article about bao jokes, and then open the floodgates. Throughout the &; Later, Huang Zhenhuan have created a lot of article to objects as small jokes, name & other; Micro kaifeng & throughout; Series. A month’s time, in his weibo, there have been six or seven ten associated with bao jokes, diversity of topics, mainly in late seven man WuYi such as jokes, however, netizens have been attracted by bao among this dark face. So they started creating on the Internet.

Huang Zhenhuan said to yangzi evening news reporter, bao black jokes around the first think of, you can think out a lot of, so, he always carry a small notebook, an inspiration to quickly write down, and then have the time to twitter. & other; A life of entertainment, there is no other netizens to participate in, I also often so entertaining. Throughout the &; Huang Zhenhuan said, since the childhood, his has always been a & other; Bao fan & throughout; , just a child, more was attracted by the fighting scene exhibition zhao et al., bao was in his mind is & other; Is no sense & throughout; , however, with the gradually mature, they were attracted by the ingenuity of baogong involved, it is also a way to commemorate.

Huang Zhenhuan said, & other; Carnival in such a way that is unique phenomenon in the network. Like du fu is very busy, but need painters and ps technology, but bao is very busy, you just need to move the brain, is written. Throughout the &;

& other; First & throughout; Appearance:

& other; Bao zheng was dark & throughout; Is the art processing

in the case of public ridicule pack adult, Huang Zhenhuan said, this is a kind of entertainment of life. Although some netizens questioned whether the speech, he said, in the history of bao is not harsh, but it is processed to darken his, is a not afraid of evil forces, set up the integrity, the impartial and incorruptible image, and net friend’s participation is also a kind of art processing, and so the glory of the nondestructive pack adult integrity.

in addition, in this form, let us review again pack adult beautiful image, also nothing bad, bao is impartiality, do a lot of good things for people, these fun will let more people think of this legend, and will not affect his feats. Throughout the &; Huang Zhenhuan said. (yangzi evening news reporter li chong)