Netizen always listen to the wrong lyrics: we were sitting high above the ashes

remember songs because of various reasons to listen to the wrong word? Such as “appearance” : & other; Grandpa (and night) think of mother & throughout; , when I was a child always for grandpa always remember mother’s words and confused; Such as the time, such as one thousand & other; As if by predestination, no opposite bad money (hand difficult stretch) & throughout; ; Such as love, like the tide, & other; Promise me you henceforth no longer night line (/) & throughout; .

it is said that, listen to the wrong lyrics with the highest heat single TOP3: & other; We sat in a tall ashes (mow) throughout the above &; ; & other; So you are my original pig (song) & throughout; ; & other; Grandpa (and night) think of mom’s words. Throughout the &;

the most common type of

net friend: I am the wind microwave Jacqueline ng (five thousand) of wind and rain to hide how much dream. Stone monkey has a stone monkey (when) prefer durian (miss) don’t let go. Come on come on meet the bar (98), missing bar (1998).

the most unexpected type

the net friend Chen huan: when I was young I listen to the old into the theme song of “empress wu” : female hero/brother/is wu zetian, all blame the two drums.

best type

everyone’s song, always or someone will listen to the words wrong. These friends tend to be puzzled hidden in the bottom of my heart can’t say out, until when I grow up gradually automatically.

a bei: seven grain has always don’t understand why the “Beijing gold” will always sing & other; Walk on the road of socialism we sell cloth & throughout; Cloth is related to the socialist, don’t sell? When I grow up, only to find somebody else sing is & other; We stepped & throughout; Rather than & other; Cloth & throughout; .

the idol type

the net friend MC ding: another diary of li yuchun, because your smile transforms into the wind. Thought how, hit & other; Corn & throughout; A son? Open the lyrics is a look at: stupid confusion again diary. I was silly.

Most of type

net friend god blackfish V: is there a heaven and sister watching “lotus lantern”, in the end, & other; Three virgin descent from heaven, gave birth to the aloes and father live. Throughout the &; After listening, sister asked me in bewilderment, and other Three mother gave birth to two children? Throughout the &; I’m confused, she said: & other; Not sing in a song: three virgin descent from heaven, gave birth to the aloes and iron column! Throughout the &; I suddenly and violently sweat.

the saliva type

netizen beauty weak makeup: are the most gorgeous national wind brainwashed more than two years, now just know & other; You are my heart the most beautiful cloud, so beautiful throughout your stay &; It should be & other; Fill the wine you to stay. Throughout the &;

the version type

net friend Melody – M78: the world of mortals rolling, standing the fierceness, accumulation and dispersion will sometimes. Stay half awake stay half drunk, have you to follow in dream at least, I take youth to bet on tomorrow, you use sincerely for sashimi (life). I am a love of the day.

the knowledge type

the net friend Michael: you lost, you lost, you are the only balsamine, I only love you, buried oil concave repair the temple tower! Beast, not the beast, is gentle beast! Without a word and the meaning of “SuperStar” consistent return true knowledge.