Netizen called zhuge liang letter “weibo” : short But the word

letter, that is, in the land, to the letter of the family. Early chun-bo li’s “a letter”, sing out of the thick homesickness, 12, there are reports that zhuge liang letter short, netizens are calling for & other; Weibo body & throughout; A book.

it is understood that various ge teacher’s letter is very short, such as the letter addressed to elder brother the oldest, introduced his eight-year-old son jeske, & other; The pursuit has been eight years old, smart and lovely, it already become, fear not for the ear jack & throughout; , 19 before and after the word, its content said nothing but son is eight years old, qualification of smart, but worry too early, can not bear, at this point to an abrupt end.

zhuge liang’s eldest son kratzer from brother the oldest there adoption, and regularly report to the oldest Joe’s growth.

in addition, the most famous of zhuge liang letter zishu emphasize the commandment “: & other; Static with cultivate one’s morality, frugal to virtue, not indifferent without reason, not quiet beyond reach. , learn to be static, also will be to learn, not learn most widely, the tzu chi beyond to learn & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; The full text, but 90 words.

the netizen called, zhuge liang is a letter to be & other; Weibo body & throughout; Less number of words is not to say, even more than words & ndash; & ndash; 90 words, but also can input 50 words again, fully meet the needs of weibo now. Whether it can be concluded that at the time the various ge is bright life rhythm and speed of information dissemination, equivalent to today’s high-speed information age? Also has a view, zhuge liang’s & other; Weibo body & throughout; A book on the one hand reflects his attitude to deal with the housework, on the other hand are also associated with publishers to hype.

letter is short, why it happened with weibo? This for weibo flood current, with zhuge liang do endorsement letter, this is a wonderful way, what’s more, compared to ancient and modern culture, this is short, so even & other; Weibo body & throughout; Letter, is certainly not fuss.