Netizen exposure Zhao Pu recording CCTV dragon-boat festival program is expected to be broadcast on the 23rd

Zhao Pu back to CCTV on dragon boat show


10, according to reports coming from the netizens weibo, CCTV host Zhao Pu recently participated in the CCTV program recording a Dragon Boat Festival, program will be on June 23rd in the CCTV broadcast four sets. But as for when to return to the “evening news” anchor Zhao Pu units, is also not sure.

9 April, CCTV host Zhao Pu “evening news” is issued & other; Old yogurt and jelly & throughout; Weibo, caused wide public concern. The day after, also in charge of Zhao Pu the “evening news”, it disappeared from the CCTV screen on weibo at ordinary times he is very active, nearly two months did not update the weibo. Several times earlier efferent Zhao Pu departure from CCTV, but CCTV response on May 29, said it did not leave.

a net friend in changchun international wrote in weibo: & other; Zhao Pu published by old yogurt and jelly food have weibo and was suspended for half a year. Recently got the news: Zhao Pu to come back! In Taiwan, Zhao Pu has participated in the CCTV recording a dragon boat show, the show will be aired on CCTV four sets of June 23. But when to return to the “evening news” anchor Zhao Pu units, as the case may be! Throughout the &;