Netizen “off” the word is not an unexpected discovery that is modern and ancient paintings

“lushan mountain high figure” (local) resembles & other; Sorry & throughout; Word seal (left).

& other; Sorry & throughout; Word resemblance to people frustrated expression, is endowed with modern & other; Depressed, sad, helpless & throughout; The meaning of. In recent years, & other; Sorry & throughout; Words become the network chat, BBS, blog, one of the most frequently used Chinese characters, which is called & other; In the 21st century, one of the most popular characters throughout the &; . Many people think & other; Sorry & throughout; From the modern, is to use computer programs to patchwork. Nanning recently, however, a net friend on an ancient famous painting and calligraphy, paintings in an unexpected discovery that much resembles & other Sorry & throughout; Word of seal.


& other; Sorry & throughout; Word famous paintings, netizens sigh magic

on April 7, morning paper net friends & other; At half past ten & throughout; In the morning paper net post said, recently, he in guangxi academy held an exhibition on see, several of the ancient famous painting in the exhibition had a & other; Sorry & throughout; Words, respectively from the tang dynasty, yuan dynasty, Ming dynasty, these works, etc., are all & other; National & throughout; Famous paintings.

& other; At half past ten & throughout; Say, & other Sorry & throughout; Word at first, a rarely used word in recent years began to popular. Love in his eyes, the eagle on the painting & other; Sorry & throughout; Word of the ancients, is undoubtedly a lead & other hundreds of years; Wet person & throughout; , & other; And in the “national famous paintings on the eagle on the seal, can be said to be the classical beauty and modern fashion the most & lsquo; Sorry & rsquo; Throughout the &; .

a discovery that attract many people gathered. Some netizens said & other; The ancients have & lsquo; Taste & rsquo; Throughout the &; ; Some netizens sigh: & other; & lsquo; Sorry & rsquo; Words are everywhere! Throughout the &; Also some netizens speculate: & other; This should be a design & lsquo; Male & rsquo; Word seal, but the overall look and feel like & lsquo; Sorry & rsquo; Words. Throughout the &;


many famous paintings, & other; Sorry & throughout; Word frequency in

according to reporter understanding, exhibition, exhibition organized by guangxi painting and the name address is located in the autonomous region museum. In the museum is on the second floor hall, the called & other; Guangxi academy courtyard academic research exhibition & throughout; Exhibited in the exhibition, a total of 16 of ancient prose works of calligraphy and painting.

16 of calligraphy and painting of tang and five dynasties, sui respectively the famous works of The Times, including the tang dynasty painter Li Zhao way of Ming huang xing shu diagram, the five dynasties south down the painter dong pass to cross a figure, mid Ming dynasty famous painter of the lushan mountain high figure and qiu ying shen Chou “the castle in the town of figure”. According to introducing, these paintings are traditional Chinese painting and landscape painting works masterpiece in the history of our country.

reporter noted that the above 4 paintings, there were a like & other; Sorry & throughout; Word of seal. Seal on the scroll position is different, some is located in the left, some on the right, some were bells in the corner.

to the citizens of the exhibition Chen also found this problem. He said, to be sure, so precious paintings can’t be someone’s jokes, but & other; Sorry & throughout; Seal really vivid words, curiously. & other; Several paintings of different times to appear the same seal, let a person more think more confused & throughout; .

listen to a reporter about & other; Sorry & throughout; Words, with the seal of several autonomous region museum staff also interesting, but to seal origin says give an account of this concourse. An autonomous region museum office staff says, exhibition was held at guangxi academy, they don’t know the exhibits, museum and lack of talent, specializing in calligraphy and painting, they also can’t answer questions.


& other; Male & throughout; Add the box, to lead the

& other; This 16 paintings are high replicas, from shenyang museum. Throughout the &; Be responsible for the installation of guangxi academy staff GanMei introduction, the exhibition of paintings are the real collections in the national Palace Museum in shenyang. Because this batch of paintings is precious, rare. Recently, the national Palace Museum in shenyang to produce a batch of high replicas for social distribution, part of guangxi academy also bought for guangxi academy of art paintings copying. For all the curious & other; Sorry & throughout; Word seal, GanMei said & other; Also noticed, but didn’t check & throughout; .

so, ancient paintings on & other; Sorry & throughout; Thus he lai?

then, our reporter contacted the member of Chinese calligrapher’s association, director of guangxi calligrapher’s association, guangxi academy calligrapher Feng Hua spring. Via its appraisal, seals on the text should be design & other; Male & throughout; , & other; Sorry & throughout; Is actually & other; Male & throughout; Words and seal the border.

Feng Hua spring is introduced, the more careful you will note that if a citizen, in with the seal of the paintings, each & other; Male & throughout; Words under another seals design & other; Letter and appreciate & throughout; The seal. Feng said, in calligraphy and painting collectors have a tradition of collectors will own stamp eagle on the original works. According to its introduction, a painting and calligraphy in the qing dynasty as a Tibetan people, named GengZhaoZhong, number and letter, now spread all over the world. Many ancient calligraphy and painting works on his two seals. Feng Hua spring, said he, when learning the copy before was also seen in the many works.

according to introducing, wang xizhi’s calligraphy works well, official post, has also been GengZhaoZhong appreciation, left & other; Sorry & throughout; Seal.

then, guangxi academy also said officials respond to, through their verification, netizens attention seal is indeed GengXin male & other; Male & throughout; Chapter word, & other; This shows that these paintings are GengXin public collection or appreciation & throughout; .

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