Netizens bask in du fu figure sculpture park: body wide-body fat like the judge like (photo)

netizens bask in du fu’s sculpture

at 8 PM on September 5, 29 points, the net friend & other; Hunan li yong & throughout; Sent a picture weibo (pictured above) : somewhere in changsha city, was you guess who is sculpture? Cause a lot of netizens attention and reply.

20 minutes later, he again send a tweet: hey hey, could not guess, guess the 10 o ‘clock tonight, send a series, guess before 6 o ‘clock tomorrow morning, please send home a dragon mountain climbing GuanFan on Friday afternoon. As promise, I am a pig ~

reporter investigation: micro blogger is a writer, and images of the sculpture, body wide-body fat, facial features is very masculine. Net friend answer is various, there is a hole, the sage has said Zhang Shi, zhu xi, also have said jia yi, liu zongyuan & hellip; & hellip; Even heavy eight, two emperor song zhenzong emperor zhu in it & hellip; & hellip; But most of the net friend said, & other; Guess a weak, do not have what confidence & throughout; . 10 o ‘clock in the evening, & other; Hunan li yong & throughout; Speak again, & other; Took the hunan celebrities have to guess, guess why miss? Throughout the &;

6 a.m. on September 6, 11 points, not a net friend wonder and mystery, & other; Hunan li yong & throughout; Finally unveiled the answer, but also send a picture. & other; Dear friends, this is the du fu, in the south park cartoon garden east to the top of the hill road. So depressed to the invasion of the poem, but change to the judge. Throughout the &; Answer a, netizens immediately messy, & other; The du fu, looks like a cousin, also too strong! Throughout the &; The net friend & other; Hanyoung & throughout; And & other Hold the bible Buddha throughout ACTS &; Because respectively guess people, places, and will receive a free meal, & other; Call me at any time arrangement is great wine. Throughout the &;

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