Netizens found in the qing dynasty looks “yao” height 2 meters (map)

over two meters in height in the late qing dynasty Chinese husband.

you have seen in the qing dynasty’s & other; Yao Ming & throughout; ? Recently, a netizen posted online of a set of rare historical old photos, both over two meters in height in the late qing dynasty Chinese husband, also has a surprising polygamous husband and wife of the republic of China, they caught the attention of the netizens and interest.

one of the most interesting pictures, is a picture of a couple qing dynasty: the husband played in the qing dynasty official uniforms, sitting aside, the wife of the head only just moved to his waist. Seems to foil the tall Chinese man, standing behind the Chinese couple is a wearing glasses, a YangFu foreigners. May be hundreds of years ago this photo was taken by a foreigner. Website, photos at the bottom of the explanation is simple: the late qing dynasty Chinese over two meters tall, s for 1870, the original photo is unknow.

during the period of the republic of China the Chinese husband and his wife concubine to twelve.

there is an old photo also let netizen surprised: the background of the photo seems to be in a large house in the hall. The protagonist in the photo is wearing Chinese style clothing middle-aged men, sitting beside him, is one of his wife concubine to twelve.

this group of photos of friends & other Village pedant & throughout; Zhou Qizhi, original name, 65 – year – old retired former deputy President of the China story magazine, such as green world magazine editor-in-chief, more attention to cultural history and family history research. According to his introduction, photos posted online is its Chinese website seized from overseas.