Netizens said miss beauty is not beautiful Ms. Kan: evaluation unfair by pictures

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the top three in chongqing international miss and miss bikini top 3 in shandong, after he was poking fun at the miss universe hainan division championship and a net friend, & other; Took a global division championship in hainan, chongqing, shandong top we can accept. Throughout the &; A little more netizens wording is too intense, but also means a problem, now a lot of beauty pageant of beauty don’t conform to the aesthetic standards of the masses.

don’t know if you remember, last month, Miss Hong Kong pageant director Mr. Wong innuendo & other; Level of cake & throughout; , but also on weibo to ask whether can be eliminated entirely. To look at you now hot beauty as a result, chongqing, shandong, hainan, Hong Kong and we have to ask the public aesthetic standard exactly?

each era, people pursuit of beauty is not the same, not to mention the ring fat yan thin story. In Africa, you can’t with & other; White & throughout; As the aesthetic orientation, the girl there to face & other Black & throughout; To show you. About small eyes and eyelids are traditionally considered as beautiful, but in Jacqueline ng, sandy lam, the rage of the nineties of the last century, it was found that folds, small eyes, also do not have an original amorous feelings.

there are critics think since everyone is different to the requirement of aesthetic, and beautiful girls grow each has his strong point, commercial beauty activities would probably be more pay attention to the education of girls, beautiful soul and wisdom. It’s a little bullshit eight. If you don’t pay attention to beauty, beauty and what’s the difference between the university entrance exam or political campaign? The so-called beauty, is the most is the beauty, of course, this is the most necessary conditions & ndash; & ndash; Of course, if the beauty can also have a soul beauty, beauty and wisdom is better.

as for the degree of beauty can only be the icing on the cake, without it, so beauty is beauty. Literary master Proust was on the train to see a girl sell milk in the morning, he said, really want to jump out of the train to go with that girl. The girl must be very beautiful, but a girl can just imagine how many cultural sell milk? If commercial elected beauty pageants, you should net get bigger, more opportunities to the grassroots beauty, maybe I can meet a Marilyn & middot; Monroe type of beauty.

in fact, no matter what each era, the national aesthetic changes, absolutely no one will believe that eye dew yoshimitsu or broken nose crooked mouth girl is beautiful. Back to eighty-four, a dream of red mansions jia and Jia Zheng mentioned the treasure jade marriage once said: & other; As long as know that girl’s temperament, good, looking that week. Throughout the &; The most authoritative Jia Fu characters jia mouth & other; Geometric & throughout; Isn’t a normal requirements. Zhou Zhengyong now and be dignified or correct, not letter you use this request several female star is qualified. The public demand for us at the very least and jia actually, at the very least, the standard is the facial features to correct. So the organizing committee of the chongqing said will choose three, I think the decision is right.

all kinds of commercial beauty pageant of beauty and the mass aesthetic is also very demanding, even should be more strict, such as miss international official weibo posted several beauty standard index, if choose by those indicators is impossible without beauty. But why choose beauty is not recognized by people? Only one reason: the only requirement is that beauty, with no strings attached; The commercial beauty pageant is not a pure beauty, it requires the potential commercial value, whether can bring economic benefits to them. Two kinds of different requirements, nature has elected to let a person can’t convince & other; Beauty & throughout; . Language – cao every writer (Beijing)

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@ Ms. Kan: with only a photo as she spoke about her (miss hainan area champions Tan Qiaoyin) is not fair, I am not judge, but I was at the scene to watch the game. Qiao Yin not only beautiful, the 21-year-old girl height 1.77 meters, is now studying in famous universities at sun yat-sen university, is learning to dance from 4 years old, also speak very good English, is a very special girl.

@ quietly Richard: I think this is the host’s mistake, why not find formal official professional photographers. Just use the scene pictures conveniently, just as the press releases published. Oscar will decorate a simple studio at the scene, let the winners can perfectly show their best side. Detail decides success or failure. The organizers unprofessional.

@ bum then asked Lyn, said miss chongqing beauty grow difficult see, is our real rescue & other; Third sister & throughout; . To be fair, gold and silver, to see their plain yan, really can also accept, basic worthy of the title. But & other; Third sister & throughout; , to be honest & hellip; & hellip;

@ obsession no1 show: chongqing beauty before, choose do not beauty, but also did not say ugly, appearance is only a second. The beauty of hainan, elected, although is not very beautiful, but definitely not ugly. Don’t understand why a net friend like extreme poison tongue, they have a hatred with you? What hurt feelings? Even if to say also said the judges, why to attack others girl. Long aesthetic feelings hurt you? The reason is too self.