“Netizens” zhen 嬛 misread: hundreds of millions of people have misread that is right

yesterday, speaking like a book magazine published & other; 20120 great throughout the language errors &; Netizens. Including often write wrong & other; Young garlic shoot & throughout; A word, and easy to read wrong & other Throughout fermentation &; And so on.

Zhen Huan did not appear in the list, is known as the 2012 largest oolong words: 嬛 should not be read & other; Huá N” , and should be read & other; Xu ā n” , netizens have different reactions to this. Zhen Huan again in fashion at a fire!

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“Zhen Huan preach” author:

misreading of too many people can only follow the habit

& other; Zhen Huan & throughout; Actually what to read? Yesterday afternoon, the original author flow Lian Zhen Huan white purple agent mountain breeze said in an interview with the tianfu morning post reporter & other; Initially the group of readers are also know the pronunciation, then asked or misreading, we will correct one by one, but found that read into huá There are too many people in the n, can’t do. Throughout the &; Advantage mentioned, in the zhen 嬛 biography before shooting, also discussed the word pronunciation, & other; Objectively speaking, this word is polyphone, huá N the sound aloud is loud and clear, and, more importantly, now most of the people, to be read huá N, so we decided to still follow the habit of everyone. Throughout the &;

advantage, according to the flow Lian violet is in series “Zhen Huan biography” the sequel’s novel creation, called the succedent houses such as taken biography, & other; The novel series is the sequel to Zhen Huan preach, written by years. Throughout the &; So & other; The sequel, there is no Zhen Huan this person, so there is no adjustment problems in reading. Throughout the &;

(Duan Zhen Zheng Tingyu)

& other; 10 the language errors & throughout; Come & other; 嬛 & throughout; Words bring hot

on December 26, known as the & other Language w & Lin throughout; Known as the “speaking like a book” the editorial department according to the practice since 2006, released at the end of the year & other; In 2012 the top ten Chinese errors & throughout; . Read some wrong & other; Yeast & throughout; Words, there are media often confuse & other Throughout the &; And & other Drunken driving & throughout; And so on.

however, the word that most netizens sigh, 2012 is not on the list & other; 嬛 & throughout; Should be read (xu ā n). The word for TV & other; Zhen 嬛 spread throughout the &; And rapid ascent, then hundreds of millions of people misinterpreted as (huá N).

& other; 嬛 & throughout; There are three words pronunciation, and & other; Danger & throughout; Composition & other; Danger 嬛 & throughout; When read & other; Lá Nghuá N” For day emperor collection, after referring to the collection of many books. Read & other; Qió Ng” Has no intention of brothers, for loneliness. While reading & other; Xu ā n” When is used to describe (women’s) soft beauty.

select group according to analysis of TV drama, the play of zhen 嬛, just play to draft, it’s her turn, self-reported best name & other; Zhen Huan & throughout; . Which is the emperor asked her & other; 嬛 & throughout; , she is a: & other 嬛 嬛 throughout a umber of chu palace waist &; The & other; 嬛 & throughout; . The emperor said: that is taken from the song dynasty Cai Shen word, and to praise her, & other; & lsquo; Soft radial 嬛 嬛, enchanting Ran umber. & rsquo; The name you did it! Throughout the &; Visible, & other; 嬛 嬛 & throughout; Here is a graceful charm of women who described. & other; 嬛 & throughout; Since it is from the changjiang Cai Shen, it should be described women’s gentle light, so should be read & other; Xu ā n” . However, the competition group think, & other; 嬛 & throughout; Word is at the root of this is that in daily life, the word is not commonly used, while & other; Yeast & throughout; Word has more practical value of Chinese.

netizens, & other; Hundreds of millions of people read wrong, that’s right throughout the &;

the list after baking, quickly attracted a large number of users to watch.

some netizens said & other; The motherland language and profound & throughout; , also have a net friend laughs, & other; Half a year ten times of the biography of Zhen Huan, everyone must see, hundreds of millions of people read wrong anyway, that’s right throughout the &; .

Internet & other; SharonLin – & throughout; The support, & other; After reading a novel in 2007 serial, the author has to have a clear explanation of the word, so have to read it for xu ā n. Throughout the &;

the weibo real-name authentication for & other; Well-known writer, screenwriter, masterpiece the harem & middot; Zhen Huan biography throughout the novel &; The net friend & other; Flow Lian purple & throughout; Also expressed their views, & other; Zhen (xu ā n) zhen (huá N) this is a beautiful mistake. Throughout the &;

experts read: Chinese culture is broad and it’s no surprise to mispronounce

sichuan college of liberal arts, professor zhang said in an interview with the tianfu morning post reporter, is mispronounced & other; Zhen Huan & throughout; Not surprising, & other; Like in the analects of Confucius: & lsquo; Not as well joy (le) & rsquo; ? Someone will read & lsquo; Not as well joy (make) & rsquo; . So, for many, the existence of such differences is normal. The Chinese characters is right here, is profound. It bread left in many cultures. Throughout the &;

but also think zhang, we will try to make Chinese character pronunciation clear, & other; With the improvement of the national culture, the meaning of the word to clear up after the likelihood of misread. Throughout the &;

the tianfu morning post reporter worship day march pay rain south Duan Zhen

interns Zheng Tingyu

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20120 big language error

easily misunderstood the meaning of

1, the elder brother of the head. Some media said ke zhou huawei & other; Headshot elder brother & throughout; , it is no doubt that cruel to a smile.

2, wife. In July 2012, the big S issued a tweet said: & other; The husband of catering services can toward a direction of development, wife and have a splendid! Throughout the &; Wife & throughout; Is a self depreciatory expression, is the old man discovereth their wives to others.

3, drunk driving and drunk driving. & other; Drunken driving & throughout; Is drunk driving, & other; Drunken driving & throughout; Is drunk driving, the difference of alcohol content in blood of both different legal consequences.

4, & other; Zero & throughout; And & other A. & throughout; . 2011 on the implementation of “numeral use on publications” regulation: when a number is used as the measurement, including & other; 0 & throughout; Form of Chinese character writing for & other; Zero & throughout; ; When used as a serial number, & other 0 & throughout; Form of Chinese character writing for & other; A. & throughout; . For example, & other Throughout 2012 &; Are often misreads & other; Throughout 2012 &; .

5, & other; Brother happy on wall & throughout; Reading and writing often go wrong. When talking about the diaoyu islands dispute between China and Japan, netizens like to quote & other; Brother happy on wall, royal its threat throughout the &; To illustrate the current situation, but many people can’t write & other Happy & throughout; (read xì) Words, someone accidentally into & other; Gap & throughout; And people into & other; Having & throughout; .

6, & other Bars & throughout; & other; * & throughout; A far cry from. In legal news reports, and other Bars & throughout; A word that is often mistaken for & other; * & throughout; . This year, for example, a movie star in a drug and apologize on behalf of the network in the son son said in a statement & other; Now once underpinned again, can not have a replacement to the public throughout the &; And once again made a mistake the two words. & other; Bars & throughout; Meaning, prison after extended out of bondage, difficult. While & other; * & throughout; Refers to the whole, the meaning of complete. Two words from the sound to meaning, is a far cry from.