Network celebrity 10 million wager han less than one meter seven has open escrow account

height bet: from words to gold silver

after the works have been questioned a ghost, has publicly indicated his height is 173 cm, han han has become a hot focus for height problems, many Internet celebrity, however make the bet, including & other; Yue people scattered throughout the &; And & other Gogo cigar & throughout; Had the biggest bet 10 million yuan, and & other; Yue people scattered throughout the &; And & other Simple throughout the sprint &; 200000 dollar bet, fastest progress by CCTV special correspondent wang zhian was opened on May 15, the third party account, the two sides after paragraph again let han in notarization institutions under the supervision of height measurement, han han don’t come out or height measurement under 170 cm is & other; Yue people scattered throughout the &; To lose.

recently, one of the most popular events on weibo, is a lot of people in the surrounding han height bet. Whether they are ghost by man and han articles before hot compared to the height of the han problems more entertaining a variety of topics. Events cause han has indicated his height is 173 cm, in public, but some detailed analysis of the han and pan xiaoting, host ajit nine ball days after photos of that han’s height between 164 cm to 165 cm, definitely less than 170 cm, and argues that this just proves that & other; The man how false & throughout; .

then spat netizens argue, has also led to some celebrities height debate, ajit, huang xiaoming, etc are & other; Lying in the gun & throughout; Because height being gossip it again. Many Internet celebrity simply money, bet on han’s height problem, and bet more than one. Han’s friend Ma Rui took the lead on weibo says, & other; Recently because of entrepreneurship, the pinch, so particularly willing to bet. Boundaries for 170 cm (specifically how high, I also to measure the just know), if someone is willing to take 100000 dollars and I bet, I only get 100000 yuan), we can find a third party, put money into the escrow account, then I will persuade han barefoot measurement of height. Throughout the &; As a result, there are three people in response to the gamble.

then network celebrity & other; Yue people scattered throughout the &; And & other Gogo cigar & throughout; Bet, if han over 170 cm height, & other; Yue people scattered throughout the &; Win, conversely, bet is 10 million yuan RMB. Netease vice editor-in-chief Dou Ming Chiang and netizens & other; BeiBo & throughout; Is to carry out the bet for 200000 yuan & other Commonweal bet & throughout; , in order to avoid legal risk, bet charity donation agreement with strings attached. Dou Ming Chiang tweeting recently said that due to recent people a different definition of han height, he on weibo Mr With two dozen & other; Gambling & throughout; . He said: & other; This & lsquo; Gambling & rsquo; Have to make a quotation of nature, because although there are winning or losing, but the winner is not any of us, but a public charity. Throughout the &; On both sides of the bet is han han is close to 173 cm tall and real and please network celebrity wang xiaoshan as a witness, said he would put & other; Bet on gold & throughout; To open account, ruled that the beneficiary, transfer money for Dou Ming Chiang also named the gamble & other; Commonweal & lsquo; Gambling & rsquo; Throughout the &; .