Network had fine art photographer obscene Most women suffer indignities without protest

xinmi was male photographer obscene? Recently, a netizen posted on the Internet, netizens are concerned. Harassment, in fact, women in the public is not new. In life, many women tend to injustice to swallow into the belly.

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network transmission, xinmi city was obscene?

11, Internet & other; And satan & throughout; In a portal website sent a & other; Pat, xinmi city was male photographer obscene & throughout; Post.

& other; And satan & throughout; A few days ago, she said, she went to town a photography floor photograph xinmi city. For her shot is the head of the floor of the photo. In the last photo, the director of photography assistant off, & other; Then came over to pull my pants, says, again a little bit low here, it looks better. Throughout the &;

& other; And satan & throughout; Said she was cool, because the director of photography is her underwear. & other; This is unknown place of sexual harassment. Originally want to go to complain, but think again afraid bother you unhappy late is no good. Throughout the &;

investigation: frequent public sexual harassment

in fact, women suffered sexual harassment, is not new. The reporter understands survey, vulnerable to sexual harassment place for entertainment, bus, office and other public places. & other; A small number of pictorial art photography floor, beauty center does not rule out the existence of the sexual harassment behavior. Throughout the &; One industry source revealing inside.

in sexual harassment victims of women will be how to face? Nanchang women’s federation and the various city, according to the court papers from the jiangxi province>

this claim, the provincial capital of legal professionals. & other; After the harassment, many women choose silence, the vast majority of the women choose to avoid. Few women to safeguard their own legitimate rights and interests to publicly. Throughout the &; A well-known legal sources said.

legislation: it is prohibited to sexual harassment against women

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the relevant person in charge of provincial women’s federation, said the way to make such regulation, on the one hand is to give the public an information, namely the sexual harassment will be severely punished by law. On the other hand, given the diversity of sexual harassment occurs and particularity, the way to unit of choose and employ persons made the request.

embarrassment: sexual harassment forensics difficult

even if the jiangxi province>

jiangxi deep associate professor of law school de-chang wu said, at present, obtain evidence difficult problems or sexual harassment case. & other; Once the sexual harassment cases of the law, often need to pictures, video, direct evidence. This virtually, give the justice department and the social problems with related department. Throughout the &;