Network programming erotic violence Male host goddaughter guests wear underwear (FIG.)

glamour study club “male host goddaughter guests wear underwear

& other; Cultural gag reflex & throughout; , & other Wide limit & throughout; And a series of bans on screen vulgar wind cooling greatly, however, it has been found that some homemade video programs, self-control network and have the opportunity to & other; Throughout the development &; , into sex, violence and vulgar elements, in order to attract eyeball, increase hits.

taste too difficult to accept

screen to vulgar phenomenon by regulation, this phenomenon is back online. In the newly launched online dating show “the romantic full car,” female guest Cuba sea turtles and bold, let the audience surprises. First she as boys action expression of feminine & other; Niang gun & throughout; To eliminate a male guest comments, and then in & other; Talented people in car & throughout; Link in the male guest & other vehicles; Manhunt & throughout; , found in the car business card after I picked up a piece of directly into your chest, let through a monitor on site at the scene of the second male guest & other; A cold sweat straight & throughout; . A revolutionary move let netizen jokingly she & other; Deep V card throughout the female &; . In this condition, the male guest underwear, didn’t wash the shirt, hidden in the socks in the shoes were unearthed one by one the woman & other; Review comment & throughout; .

read the program audience message boards: & other; The girl taste is too heavy, a little hard to accept. Throughout the &; & other; Dating field encountered such a fierce, even the general men are a bit overwhelmed. Throughout the &;

bloody violence to see

is violent, bloody screen involved was kicked out of the main reasons of prime-time show, but a website of homemade drama “crime of the northeast of the past 20 years, after the air on the middle of last month, 16 days before the traffic is 200 million, and entered a television of the list of the top 10 list. The show just 18 minutes per episode, but because of swearing, bloody violence, triggered a netizen on the scale of network drama review. Male character in the play, a few words is not pulled a gun knife, and multiple occurrences of enterohepatic cross flow, and pick off hand muscle hamstring cruel images, some netizens questioned the show & other; Violence & throughout; . Male 1 hong-bing zhao and his brothers, the main objectives and tasks of life is the ou, hegemony, at the same time, fight with all sorts of lens also gloomy. Past can only be used when the film and television play publicity stunt in gang bloody violence has become a main content in this play.

show vulgar without bottom line

some video on the Internet, there are a lot of & other; Quasi-pornographic & throughout; , & other; Three common & throughout; Such as content, such as “jie entertainment industry top ten sexy female anchors Ada Patty than” article 20 legs of Europe and the United States is the most lethal “adultery: male artificially why women?” And a series of to fat breast enhancement, leg, hip, bikini, thongs & other; Sexual attraction & throughout; The title of to attract eyeballs, content and images. In a network program in glamour study, appear even the male host goddaughter guests to wear a bra. Male host process of underwear, underwear is very skilled, let female guest frequently breastplate.

make a lot of netizens call can’t stand such scene, some said, & other; This gimmick is completely in order to attract eyeball, are the bottom line. Throughout the &; Some said, & other; Nowadays cultural gag reflex, to allow the show is so vulgar. Throughout the &;

& other; Vacuum & throughout; To regulate

as in recent years, the rapid rise of the network media, watching Internet users on the Internet is becoming more and more young people more time online than watching television programs. Due to network regulation is much less than the screen less strict regulation, in a few years ago in screen popular vulgar wind quickly off to the network, its scale is worse. In the face of the vulgar wind, cui yongyuan had words, namely & other; The ratings is the root of all evil & throughout; . Now happen on the Internet, that is, & other; Hits is the root of all evil & throughout; . Many teens are mostly younger even given the netizens, therefore, the network shows vulgarization absolutely cannot treat STH lightly. But compared with the screen management, these vulgar content appear in network programming, network video programs are still in management & other; Vacuum & throughout; , this kind of situation must be changed.