Network spread 2013 is the lunar calendar in salamanders; avoid wearing red dress experts argue

expert clarification: decyl should be the third year & other; The water snake & throughout; , but no matter & other; Water & throughout; , & other Fire & throughout; , had nothing to do with destiny

2013 is the lunar snake, recent online someone plausibly said & other; 2013 is a glorious salamander, avoid wearing red, benmingnian people don’t have to buy the red dress, including socks and belts. Throughout the &; In addition to people and hype & other; In 2013, is a spring, a widow years & throughout; That statement, astronomical experts to criticism.

Beijing ancient Wang Yumin Dr Said in an interview with reporters, calculated in accordance with the Chinese era, 2013 & other; Decyl have & throughout; Years, of which decyl is air-dried, belong to the north of water, the color is black, the third is gan, belongs to the southeast, in the twelve animal signs on behalf of the snake, so decyl the third year is a snake. Sixty jia is very old calendar method in China, people later combine sixty jia, five line, the animal sign, decyl should be the third year & other; The water snake & throughout; .

five lines of fortune in Chinese traditional culture, sixty jia will be connected with different attributes of the five elements, called & other; Throughout life, sound & jia 60 years; , such as & other; Cicc, jia YiChou sea BingYin Ding Mao furnace fire, wu-cheng JiSi big trees throughout the &; And so on, to decyl nonyl Chen “the third year, is & other; Decyl nonyl Chen have running water & throughout; . So decyl have years of water and running water, is a kind of cloudy water, the water of the rain, moist water of all things. According to the claims in the ancient book & other; Endless running water, gangsters, surging up and down will pay throughout southeast &; Quiet, the corresponding people or can’t move.

& other; But that belongs to the mysticism of the components of Chinese traditional culture, was originally used for divination fortune-telling. Throughout the &; Wang stressed that if people are interested can look at, figure a geely, but really there is no scientific basis.


no spring of next year, again & other; Widow years & throughout; ?

there are called lunar snake is no spring in 2013, Dr Wang explanation, according to Chinese traditional 24 solar terms, 2013 & other; Spring & throughout; In February 4, 2013, the Gregorian calendar, which is the lunar December 24, 2012, so the lunar calendar in 2013 & other; Spring & throughout; In the lunar calendar 2012 off ahead of schedule, so it is said the lunar calendar is no spring in 2013.

in fact, & other; Spring & throughout; Solar terms in each basic around February 4 of the solar year, the Gregorian calendar was drawn up in accordance with the law of the earth around the sun, 365.24 days a year. And according to the lunar calendar is according to the law of changes of the moon, a common year and leap year, leap year 354 or 355 days throughout the year. The differences between the balance according to the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar, our country has more than two thousand years ago & other; Nineteen years seven leap month & throughout; ‘s claim that put seven leap month in 19 years, so that the lunar leap year has 383 days or 384 days, more than a year, about 19 days than the Gregorian calendar. Such adjustment as a result, have 7 years is every 19 years & other; Double-spring & throughout; And another seven years is & other; There is no spring & throughout; , in recent years, is no spring chicken years 2005 years, 2008 year of the rat is no spring, 2010, 2010 – the year of the tiger is a spring snake is no spring.

the king, “said Dr So-called & other; There is no spring & throughout; Is a kind of reading too much into the calendar, there is no spring or not and could not have any relationship between people’s marriage, if there is who hair must be both is linked together, that is really a bother.

our reporter Cai Wenqing