New biography, Nixon for Mrs Gay and time close friend hand in hand under the table

Nixon and his wife, pat

the former President Richard & middot; Nixon is unique in American history because & other; Watergate & throughout; Impeachment and the President to step down, he is also considered the most untrustworthy in American history, one of the President has the most dark secret. According to the Washington veteran reporter tang & middot; Folsome in a forthcoming Nixon’s new biography “Nixon’s darkest secret: inside story of the most troubled U.S. President revealed in a book, Nixon also has many little-known & other; The dark secret & throughout; ! His heavy drinking not only, still beating his wife, and the Mafia have inextricably relationship, but the book was the most amazing insider, Nixon may still be a & other; Gay and lesbian & throughout; , he and his best friend Charles & middot; Bibi & middot; Pozzo long have intimate lover!

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Nixon and close friends have & other; Brokeback & throughout; Relationship between

Washington veteran journalist tang & middot; Folsome had during the Nixon administration is an active political journalist, he after several years research, in the next year on January 31, published by Nixon’s new biography “Nixon’s darkest secret: inside story of the most troubled U.S. President revealed striking insider is, although Nixon profess to hate gay, but he may be a gay! Folsome by looking at some of the latest declassified files, and interviewed many witnesses including before the fbi agents, for the first time uncovered the Nixon and his male friend pozzo between & other; Secret relations & throughout; .

it is reported, pozzo and Nixon in age, he is the son of a Cuban cigar manufacturers, later involved in real estate investment and banking in the United States, and according to the fbi files, pozzo and the gang leader & other; Tampa godfather & throughout; Santo & middot; Lafite Kent, and & other; Throughout our careers &; Mafia important Alfred & middot; Wave of Leeds and other person has a close relationship. When pozzo in starting their own Banks in Florida in 1964, was a lawyer Nixon once participated in the foundation stone laying ceremony of the bank, and became the first customer of the bank. According to the American Mafia members Vincent & middot; Theresa confessions, pozzo’s Banks are in fact for the American Mafia money laundering tools, but the President vowed and organized crime fighting Nixon, apparently impossible not to know that his best friend in the close relationship between the Mafia and pozzo.

1 and close friends often holiday

the book, Nixon met for the first time in 1950 and pozzo, he had just was elected U.S. senator. That year, in the introduction of an mp colleagues, Nixon to pozzo fishing holiday on a cruise ship, pozzo in very bad impression of Nixon at the beginning, but before long, the pozzo and Nixon into countless words don’t talk, inseparable friends, he often and Nixon a holiday.

the book, pozzo in Nixon’s two daughters tricia and Julie, play & other; The role of the uncle & throughout; . Pozzo fulfilled ought to Nixon’s wife even in the role of, including personally choose clothes for Nixon, personally selected him for Nixon at the White House to watch movies, etc.

folsome said in the book, when Richard Nixon in the White House, pozzo immediately in the office and bedroom in the White House have their own, he can free access to the White House, don’t need special registration of the secret service. In addition, he can even take & other; Air force one & throughout; Jet travel.

2 and Mrs Time

let friends sleep next door

the book, Nixon and his wife pat relationship actually exist in name only, very bad, he often with extremely unkind words cursed his own wife, and whether it is before becoming President of the United States, the term in the White House or after leaving the White House, he often beating his wife. Nixon also often drinking, leading to his assistant even secretly to

he took a & other; We drunk & throughout; The nickname. Folsome said, Nixon in order to show the American public that he and & other The first lady & throughout; How loving relationships, and even asked one of his former military assistant & other; Teach him how to kiss his wife in public & throughout; .

new book also reveals that Nixon and & other The first lady & throughout; Pat rarely Shared a bed in the White House, they have their own bedroom in the White House, and when they near to Miami, kyle & middot; , Kane resort on vacation, they never sleep in the same house, by contrast, pozzo in frequent and Nixon & other; Live right next to each other & throughout; , always sleep in Nixon’s door.

3 and friends under the table in hand

the book quoted American time magazine, a former journalist, he once in Washington to attend a dinner party, leaned forward, pick up a knife and fork, had seen in the seat next to Nixon and pozzo both hands gripped tightly together under the table. Another reporter also recalls, he had seen a drunk drunk, Nixon had to hug the arm close to the pozzo’s neck, the position & other; As you embrace the party date & throughout; . In the book, often and Nixon pozzo two people together on vacation, they often swimming and sunbathing, together to eat barbecue, and discuss the Broadway musical.

in Nixon’s White House aides often complain about pozzo & other; Monopoly & throughout; A great deal of Nixon time, Nixon’s White House chief of staff, Alexander & middot; Hagrid had joked privately in the Nixon and pozzo is a pair. Even secretary of state funds, to the pozzo beside Nixon & other; Special status & throughout; Feel quite annoyed.

4 friends referred to are gay

Pozzo in

the book, the age of 18 and a named Donald & middot; Happened to the young man gay relationships, he later married sister, but divorced in four years. Sister said, in marriage, pozzo has never had sex with her. Pozzo until after middle age in the second marriage, his lawyer married female secretary, however this female secretary once complained that & other; Bibi’s favorite things ranking is Richard & middot; Nixon and his cat, then it’s my turn. Throughout the &; Pozzo Miami residents in a familiar to Nixon biographer Anthony & middot; Pozzo is absolutely in summers said, according to the city a member of the gay community.

step down even when Richard Nixon was impeached, pozzo has unswervingly support in his most intimate friends. When Nixon died in 1994, pozzo has been accompanied in his bed. But in the 85 – year – old pozzo also passed away in 1998, in which he lef t our more than 12 million pounds of heritage to the Nixon memorial library. Comprehensive China Daily news