New book jie wu3 da4 lang2 prototype: well-read And the lotus of pan gold have a lasting relationship

this excerpt from “was a misreading of the history of China, the law man hing, press Chinese archives. reprint this article only for the purpose of information dissemination, does not mean that agree with the views and positions

the lotus of pan gold because of “the water margin” has high & other; Profile & throughout; In jin ping mei, she jumped to more & other; A female throughout the &; . According to the written in the book, she is born of the most beautiful woman of all, is also one of the most classic romantic. “Jin ping mei” the title, a rather & other; The plum in the golden bottle & throughout; Meaning, say a number from the first three opera (the lotus of pan gold, li son, chun-mei pang) take the name of each word, obviously after said more smooth. “The water margin” in the lotus of pan gold image is relatively thin, the lotus of pan gold in “jin ping mei” is a very, very vivid artistic image.

in “jin ping mei”, the front part and the “water margin” broadly similar. The lotus of pan gold was born in a poor tailor’s family, his father in his early years, nine years old in the giants ci-poetry ACTS as a home, after the goods were sold on soil claims large family home, be & other; Closed throughout the &; And then to be due to the rich man woman, is a large family to marry a short ugly Wu Zhi. Her pursuit of sky ZhuangWei man wu song, then turned to the rich and handsome west door celebrate arms. Unlike “the water margin”, under the claims of abetting, zhenniao killed her husband by the west door celebrate after marry into five rooms, began in the west door celebrate rivalry with other woman in the home & other; Fighting & throughout; Career. Not only that, she also liaisons servant, seduce the west door celebrate the son-in-law of Chen’s economic & hellip; & hellip; Because in the feudal society, as parents of a man’s harem, the first reason is to breed. Therefore, when the lotus of pan gold he couldn’t keep the child, she to the west door celebrate other concubine grudges jumped more multiplied; When lee bottle son unexpectedly gave birth to the officer, after a how to kill the & other Eyesore & throughout; Become her & other; The priority & throughout; ; Officer of boys was finally after she scare and frightened sick died, she cheered, but the smoke was lifted again a new round of the battle of rivalry & hellip; & hellip; The lotus of pan gold sensuality, vicious, abnormal or eccentric, make us in surprise, also to the image of the lotus of pan gold gives the most complete and final.

so, in the history of the lotus of pan gold and wu3 da4 lang2 and how? Is the person? Or is entirely fictional artistic image? They are exactly what is the relationship?

according to textual research: big LangWuZhi, is in shandong province total buke the village people. Chongwen warrior, he is the superior wit to young ignorant of the jinshi, si 5 did the magistrate of a county in shandong province. Funded wu3 da4 lang2 of old friends because of his talent, a family is poor. So, all the way to cast wu3 da4 lang2 seeks the tight, out of trouble. Started, he is hospitality, after half a year didn’t also listen to mention a few things, he think & other; Wu3 da4 lang2 is really ungrateful people & throughout; , in a pet, take French leave. On the way home, he wrote many abuse irony wu3 da4 lang2 small story, xiehouyu, see the village village, every shop post shop, coverage rap, cultural station post, rumor whisper, extremely use up of Wu Zhi malicious slander of insulting shadow to denigrate capabilities. By the way, the village of schoolyard bullies have been Wu Zhi punished the west door celebrate to collaborate, and then spread on wu3 da4 lang2 along the vulgar words, rare officer image was destroyed. Behold, he returned home, wu3 da4 lang2 already sent the money sent, to help him fix FangGai house, bought fertile land. At this time, he found that wu3 da4 lang2 is not know grace is not reported, but not to abuse power for personal gains. He returned to tear his stick slip like mad, but it is too late to regret, they are like pour out the water, can not be returned. Plus some letters and thus error pass again.

and the huangshan leisure plaza county northeast, is called buke posterity & other; Bodhi old zu grandma & throughout; The lotus of pan gold’s hometown. The lotus of pan gold is not pan tailor’s daughter, but the state pan miss the daughter of the year, a good family. She is knowledgeable, and wu3 da4 lang2 boon conjugal love, both a lifetime of successively gave birth to four sons. Huangshan leisure plaza south 1.5 kilometers is the buke village.

murakami original a wu3 da4 lang2 tomb, epitaph wen said: & other; Designated Tian Ling planting taboo word, when the child call big lang, twilight four old statue of yue. Lady by male, ma shu luca brasi. Male first ancestral jinyang county, is a YanWuDing descent, migration after total hole songzhuang (now the village buke) to settle down. Male youth died of the father, and mother together, clothing, food and economy. When the master of chongwen warrior, longer and literature, middle-aged jinshi, seven products, promote the beneficial and abolish the harmful, incorruptible hai, the villagers gathered umbrella respect all the people. However long time, the vicissitudes of irrational denigration of honor, tombs are destroyed, make a good virtuous woman goes easily.when jiuquan, regretted zai. Today cleaning rooms, radically name, comfort designated, in a show of later generations, is to remember. Throughout the &; From the point of the epitaph, Wu Zhi or shells Wang Wuding, after serious royal descendants. 1946, and from the grave was found to have a mouthful of nanmu hanging coffins and two bones. According to the three old men involved in digging a grave confirmed that judging from bones wu3 da4 lang2 is quite tall, calculate least 1.78 meters. Moreover, if sold baked wheat cake, which have nanmu the tomb of the hanging coffins and many blue bricks base.

Wu Zhi brotherhood and west door celebrate knaves birds of a feather, malicious slander Wu Zhi and the lotus of pan gold, while the offspring of the shy naih-an understand the important principle thoroughly, effect remorse, trying to force pan rehabilitation. Shy naih-an seed, hebei ngawi ShiShengChen to buke that 16 painting and poetry in painting & other; Applied to home debt also & home throughout; The guilty. Portraits, wu county magistrate with poem as: & other; Fabricate the shuihu shy naih-an, wu pan gratuitous innocent. Applied to home articles home, BianBao has hundreds of years. Welcomed a karma in this final report, is let to reshape exhibition room. Broken case-solving Wu Shici hall, ShiXing debt ShiXing also. Throughout the &; The lotus of pan gold portrait rabbi yue: & other; More than once to draw wu pan of 16, the suspension in Wu Shici wall to rectify the wrongs, for its one day. Jiuquan wu pan, but not to tell my family the ancestors of “water margin” in throwing the dirt, so the instigated imp’ll go through the appearance, more than this reshaping Wu Panzheng capacity, also its true colors. To mount Kilimanjaro wu pan soul forgiveness. Molisch incense to worship. Throughout the &;

Wu Zhi brotherhood of self-destruction, shy naih-an descendants of the era, lang has zhengda, lotus of innocence, but Wu Zhi of 24 generation Sun Wushuang happy alive, is more the “water margin” wu JiYuan Pan Zhi eternal. Since the “water margin” wu3 da4 lang2 and the lotus of pan gold couple no heir child and subsequently killed, so, no reproduction of their offspring (buke that half the village Wu Xing)? Is brothter of wu3 da4 lang2 Wu Erlang, wu song takeyuki, there is no person in history, just shy naih-an typical shape of literature.

hall is a statue of the qing dynasty stele of sixteen years (1751). This is a secondary under emperor qianlong jiangnan, via hebei oil mill, WenWu plant have grave monuments, mouthpiece made a Yu Wuzhi tomb, and planting more than two hundred. Monuments of positive quarter article is: the whole family together, protection around the tomb Wu Zhi & other; More than two hundred plants throughout the &; . Unfortunately, the spectacular forests destroyed by & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Now gone.

buke descendants also said a lot of wu3 da4 lang2 they justice, the lotus of pan gold is loyal to love, to assist wu3 da4 lang2 incorruptible element, wipe out the schoolyard bullies and moving story. So, the history should also & other; An official clean, promote the beneficial and abolish the harmful & throughout; Wu3 da4 lang2 and & other; Throughout and kind-hearted, industrious & righteousness; The lotus of pan gold to true colors.