New British pop diva Adele refused to use the physical performance

your correspondent person yanyan xing

when Adele to full hot voice was born, few believe this heartbreaking contralto from a 19 year old girl in London. She used her age as the album name, 19 and 21, record she had experienced two very important year.

that in two years, she was brokenhearted, writing songs, brokenhearted, again to write songs. Although she said she don’t read literature, also not to delve into the lyrics, but the pain is inherently young people the inspiration, the Wells from her chest love song soon became popular music charts around the world champion singles.

for Adele, this year is the year of change her life. Once the genius of alumni Amy? Winehouse went to heaven, Lady Gaga to accompany run, the 54th grammy’s biggest star on the stage, she is now.

although only released two albums, she is the first after the beatles & other; Have the top five at the same time within a week of two singles and albums & throughout; Record of living artists. 18 years old, the first time on TV, Adele bjork and Paul? McCartney, very afraid; 24 years old, she is holding six grammy awards “, McCartney stood in the audience applauded for her.

& other; Record to sell more and more, the stage is more and more big, but every time I sang I still afraid like before. Throughout the &; Adele described feelings after become a superstar.

big girl loud

Adele have long been aware that he is & other; Big girl & throughout; , not only because she is 5 feet 9 inches tall, plump body between 16 to 18 yards, but also because mother instilled in her independent consciousness since childhood.

she was born in north London’s tottenham, a mixed African and Caribbean, poverty and violence breeds. She was the only white students in the class, how much this explains why she love soul music at an early age.

after his parents divorced, Adele alone raised by his mother. Adele said he has been living in the mother’s dream. 3 years old, she is mother to see the placebo band. At the age of five, mother let her standing at the table to sing at the top of British female party jia belle’s number one.

after entering the London school of performing arts and technology, Adele and Amy. Winehouse and Leona. Lewis star became alumni. Write down the first song is 16 years old friend on the network, two years later, an independent record companies find her, & other; I think I got a internship & throughout; , only signed the first recording contract.

her loud voice is doomed to be heard all over the world.

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palin’s god

debut on the U.S. market, Adele’s first album “19” has not received one response. On October 18, 2008, she appeared in American TV show “Saturday night live”, together with her appearance and vice presidential candidate Sarah? Palin. Palin’s appeal to the ratings reached its highest level in 14 years, 17 million viewers on the TV to watch of the night before. Adele sang two songs in the album, the fame overnight in the United States.