New China’s history the first kiss: heroine alyson nervous can’t find the mouth

“lushan” still (figure)

& other; Confucius! Throughout the &; In 1980, the film “lushan”, alyson kaimin guo’s left gently a kiss on the cheek, opened a new chapter in Chinese love movie. Following & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Age 10 years after the eight model operas, Chinese on the big screen in their long-lost romantic love in the heart, love the lushan mountain became a generation of the collective memory.

as the new China’s first kiss of love movie, 1980 edition of “lushan” let crazy people, bold to its scale, the thoughts of unhealthy criticism and not hinder its become a classic in the history of film. The cinema of lushan mountain is located in a brighter simply changed his name lushan love cinema, only this movie release cycle every day, even in the guinness book of world records.

can only is a classic of the eternal. Love, like death, originally is the eternal topic, even on the surface by the constraints of political, social, finally also can break through all obstacles, to return to the authenticity of human nature.

in a slightly hot evening newspaper interview “lushan” actress alyson, the former golden flowers double winner, with the voice of euphemism elegant again to take us back to the pure and complex s.

1 & other; We haven’t strait & lsquo; Tee & rsquo; , and you have marriage? Throughout the &;

in the summer of 1979, jiangxi jiujiang writer BiBiCheng letters hostel, live in the Shanghai film studio to take part in a play. This time, he used the spare time to write the “lushan”. Because before has been brewing for a long time, the book writes very conveniently, spent five days the first draft of the script was born. A pure chance, bi will prejudice the old director Huang Zumo ShangYingChang he summoned up his courage to lushan “recommended to director huang. Huang Zumo said he wrote this a few days to attend a meeting, no empty, in a couple of days. BiBiCheng still little known at that time, thought it was from words, didn’t have a little hope in my heart. But two days later, someone knocked at the door, open the door a look, and Huang Zumo gasped: & other; You don’t have a script to show me? Throughout the &; BiBiCheng in the mind a hot, give play to the making of the old director immediately.

Shanghai letters editors read this story scripts rely on lushan mountain scenery, feel the plot is too dull, lack of dramatic conflicts and the real social life background, a little for the scenery scenery. But some people like such landscapes types, think this style made much in the past, if can put your notebook, style can also introduce a new film. After repeated discussions, ShangYingChang decided to direct the scenery lyric feature. Three days later, accompanied Huang Zumo ShangYingChang old factory director xu SangChu and deputy director regarding the yu to find BiBiCheng hostel, clappers, face to face “lushan” into photography!

“lushan” describes the daughter of a former kuomintang (KMT), who lived in the United States general Zhou Jun lushan sightseeing, return to the motherland and the son of a communist leadership GengHua paths, two people fall in love at first sight, fall in love, the love process the ups and downs, eventually & other; Be well, jack shall have Jill & throughout; . Story unfold in the film to lushan major attractions, such as flower diameter, fairy cave, HanPoKou, LuLinHu, white deer cave academy, photographs resort twelve place as a background, by the sentiment belt scene, the scene (SMS).

in the script Zhou Jun parents, it is the kuomintang army officer, she is back to China from the United States, after falling in love with the offspring of old revolutionary. The plot at the time also is more sensitive, involves the problem of the relationship between the communist party and the kuomintang. Some people who read the script, you that true enough ahead of lushan love, across the Taiwan straits not & other; Tee & throughout; You will have marriage? These words let BiBiCheng don’t careless when modify the script, attention to grasp the discretion, make mistakes to avoid politics.

2 stars haven’t dated

in preparatory stage, the film director Huang Zumo took a fancy to an actress. Her appearance condition is remarkable, at the time of audition, no matter from what Angle, modelling is very beautiful. But think, xu SangChu the actress on the temperament of a lack of something. The Zhou Jun script is a very innocent, pure sunshine girl. In front of the actress looks exoticism, pure, seems to be more suitable for a social butterfly, a wealthy woman role. At that time, the old factory director out of his mind came across before the image of a girl, this man was alyson.

& other; They had also discussed some & lsquo; Don’t soil & rsquo; Problem, because I seem very soil in “, cradle “. The director and the old factory director still in discussion, decided to let me try, then I start to rigged up. I haven’t got a clue what is going on at that time, the director just talk to me, ask me to have confidence, I thought, oh, is let me play a major role. Then for the first time, feel a little pressure, because before the play is a supporting role, this is the first leading role, also pretty nervous. But then a thought, well, anyway, they also is not very confident to me, maybe I’ll change. Throughout the &; Alyson, 22, has met the first of her acting career & other; The main character & throughout; Performance opportunities for the accident, many years later, he still clearly remember every detail.

& other; When I was a student, I have been acting, in addition to learning what also didn’t contact with society, haven’t talked about love, so from this point of view it is quite fit the character. I believe this is also the director want to feel. Throughout the &;

the overseas Chinese in lushan love girl Zhou Jun identity is very special, the daughter of former kuomintang general, live in the United States, and occasionally & other; Show & throughout; My English. When reporters asked about how to experience this role, alyson says with a smile, & other; Zhou Jun this role is a difficult, first of all, the character and I have a larger distance, because I itself is not outgoing, moreover was impossible to go to America to experience life, only to see some imports, see some translated novels, to find some foreigners living habits and communication way, the director asked us, again and again to see, to see as much as possible to experience. Now it seems the lushan love performance in some superficial, but was really done my best. Because no one can guide you, director, nor have they been abroad, have to tell you the direction. Throughout the &; In the eyes of directors some & other; Soil & throughout; Alyson so muddled ground into Zhou Jun returned overseas Chinese of the world.

recall when taking sport, alyson special said to the director to play a trick. & other; We have taken a long time in lushan mountain, from the warm days when photographed snow, lushan has not officially open to visitors at the time, a lot of empty villa, to support the crew filming, cast and senior personnel management office comrade lived in lushan villa. Not only that, but doesn’t seem to agree with comrade ShangYingChang afraid of cast local things, specially the cookhouse squad in the past, is responsible for the whole cast early dinner, sometimes do midnight snack. Cast and probably rarely has such a thing now. Throughout the &;

& other; Cast every day after work, we will go to the cookhouse squad rice and then returned to his villa to eat, then everyone together after a long time, are familiar with, often together to eat, but eat with eating, the director and cast and other personnel are gone, I was left with guo. Throughout the &; Alyson smiled, & other; Then the director will have something fine guides me to the guo’s room, I estimate that they are interested. Throughout the &;

for deliberately set alyson and kaimin guo, director Huang Zumo has not without regret to smile to say: & other; Both of them didn’t dated, at ordinary times are very shy. We want to make their first love, try to have a true feelings, but the two of them is not approach. Throughout the &;

later, kaimin guo introduce alyson was the Shanghai film studio director zhang jianya. Alyson and zhang jianya to wipe out the spark of love, in 1984, set foot on the red carpet of marriage. Kaimin guo also marry to a son, and you go to hainan development cause. No matter how reality, alyson and 21, 22, kaimin guo on the screen to complete their first love.

3 when shooting a nervous can’t find the mouth

over the years, a lot of people mention the lushan love will involuntarily said excitedly, this is the first movie has a kiss. In fact, it’s just on the cheek gently & other; Peck & throughout; , that is, the dragonfly water like a kiss also shocked the Chinese people at that time. In an interview with reporters with a somewhat curious cross-examine the tc beginning and end of the filming of a kiss.

& other; Taken before the script is not the play, the director and other senior consult, think we should add some color in love film, so they find a good location in the beforehand, and then bring us actor to the scene, the actor’s mission is simple, the director ShuiXi with you, and then according to the director of the play. Throughout the &; Recall the situation at that time, light, alyson described, but at that time, she is far from the light.

& other; Although already know the contents of the scene, but just feel embarrassed at the time of shooting, a bit uncomfortable, don’t know how to repair, always could not reach the requirements of the director. Later, the director just pretended to be angry, said too delay everybody kung fu, so many people to work in the morning, so slow down, you two want to take today is not over! Throughout the &;

look at two people have a little afraid, & other; Said the director, will formally now try again, you must strive for & lsquo; Contact & rsquo; On! I said, oh, then try, then he said to guo, you can endure the endure, invite you to dinner in the evening. Director official we are not told, they said, that you officially & lsquo; Try & rsquo; Again, we don’t know, in fact, photography has been switched on. Throughout the &;

& other; At that time, I just want to good I will kiss him on the mouth, but because of too nervous, didn’t the courage, can’t find my mouth, in his face kissed ran, kuo didn’t know I would kiss him, director told me, but didn’t tell him, he didn’t have any preparation, frightened, two eyes straight, hereby it is red in the face. I also feel very sorry he later. The scene of the staff burst into laughter, just woke him, everybody said: & lsquo; Ha! Ha! You are to be taken in by the director. & rsquo; Just took over this scene, re-building again can’t find the feeling. Throughout the &;

4 everyone eager to belong to own love song

in the early 1980 s Shanghai, there will be many young people holding cloth and popular cinema magazine, ran to the tailor shop, let the teacher according to the lushan love still in tailoring clothes of dress design. Alyson and film using the fast imaging cameras, also became fashionable products popular with young people.

and there is no this kind of camera at that time, the domestic market, many people had relatives friend brought back from Hong Kong, Japan. Alyson became a synonym for fashion. Film “small” caused a great response, at the time the film alyson a neat hair an fashion tide. After a lot of people see the film, are scrambling to the barber’s hair cut short, cut the barber asked what kind of? The answer is, cut a & other; Alyson head & throughout; .

has become a star of alyson will with & other; Fans & throughout; Dealing with, when the fans make track for a star and today have very big different, & other; Is sending a letter, sent to Shanghai theater, at first I also see in person, then too much, can’t see come over, and I always act in the field, ShangYingChang please the specialized person to help me see the letter. But then feel, always with the audience communication is not good, is through “public movie”, wrote some letter, expressed his gratitude to the audience. Throughout the &;

in the 1970 s, alyson as ShangYingChang worker wage is $43 per month, performed after she was no special treatment. & other; After the movie, treatment also don’t have any change, probably after I go abroad (1985 years), wages only added to the 90 yuan. No change in my heart, just feel very inconvenient, little always likes to go shopping, go out to play, but wouldn’t be able to go after fame, very inconvenient. Go out will bring a sunglasses, winter wear a mask, big hat, wear a soldier coat, it is necessary a set of clothes, in order to let everyone who is look not to come out. Throughout the &; Alyson’s star, in the entertainment industry is still popular today.

& other; It is a sign that the movie’s reform and opening up, then on, we found that life was a colour, beautiful can pursue, like depression, suddenly the window was opened, give a person a kind of carefree and happy feeling. Throughout the &; Alyson described the lushan love in her heart. In times of the agitation of youth, whose heart is not to long for own naqu love song!

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