“New martial arts head” jozev: martial arts did not leave

Beijing, guangzhou nov 7 (Reuters) : & other; The new martial arts head & throughout; Jozev: martial arts does not leave people vision

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Hong Kong & other; The new martial arts head & throughout; Jozev recently launched its simplified version of the martial arts novels “poetry of budo crazy”, will be in Hong Kong is a new generation of actual combat martial arts novels to the mainland, and with a different from the previous attitude to promote Hong Kong martial arts novels chivalrous spirit.

jozev said when accepting a reporter to interview in guangzhou a few days ago, he has been very optimistic about the prospects for martial arts culture, Chinese martial arts culture has not left the field of vision, the future will continue to occupy a mainstream culture.

a once prosperous Hong Kong martial arts novel, was born the gold yong, thou dragon etc famous martial-arts novelist, not only has influenced generations of Chinese thought, also successfully make Chinese martial arts culture to the world. In the early 1970 s, jin yong’s last work since the publication of the deer and the cauldron, a sharp fall in the number of Hong Kong martial arts novels. More than 20 years has been & Hong Kong martial arts writers and works for other Throughout a period &; , wen jui and coast, few more famous.

jozev, born in 1969 in Hong Kong, belongs to see the sun in the bent shoot a generation who grew up with local martial arts drama. Pursue a college aspires to be a writer when translation department, three years doing & other; Acrobatics & throughout; , after graduation immediately & other; Text ronin & throughout; Career, successively in news, computer games, writer, etc.

jozev first novel published in 1996 “blade of magic kingdom”, started writing a series of violent style & other Imaging system & throughout; Popular novels, including action fantasy series “the vampire hunters journal, long & other; Wu war department & throughout; Novel budo crazy poetry of the first edition has been out of nine volumes, bestsellers list in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong media dubbed & other The new martial arts head & throughout; .

Louis cha or cologne the perspective of literati in the martial arts novel, jozev with good fighters, inherited & other; Old-school martial arts & throughout; Skillful technique, at the same time with modern scientific point of view to write martial arts. He created a new situation in martial arts novels, pay attention to actual combat, the breakthrough tradition, in jozev kung fu novel world, the more the wulin is strong, with steel sword martial arts warriors.

jozev writing is not a matter of the pure river’s lake, but based on martial arts, river’s lake as the background, in modern practical writing, to reinterpret the past we are familiar with the martial-arts world, tells the wuxia martial arts essence behind and chivalrous spirit.

today, not many people can calm down and write novels in Hong Kong, martial arts novel is rare. Jozev has long been high hopes, is regarded as & other; Steve & throughout; , & other; The new martial arts head & throughout; . However, he felt & other; Martial arts Renaissance & throughout; The burden is heavy, generation need to work hard, also hope that through their own efforts, can to a certain extent, help the revival of the Hong Kong martial arts novels.

jozev said that in the Chinese world, has not the martial arts culture, also has not left the line of sight of Chinese and eyeball, form through games, cartoons, movies, etc. Just in novel ways, met a trough, others need to continue to be strengthened. The