New name “swagger” by onlookers “fuck Japan” students decided to drop out

recently, & other; Fuck Japan & throughout; The name on weibo rapid spread of the classmate, and he himself was disturbed.

jiangxi normal university of science and technology institute of technology, said the students already back to high school. And for spreading the school student information online, the institute official statement, to pursue its responsibility, also students a reasonable.

he call & other; Fuck Japan & throughout; Name domineering lead hot

this paragraph of time, when the open universities. One is jiangxi normal university of science and technology institute of technology admission of new students, because their very special name & ndash; & ndash; Fuck Japan, in the case of not report to the college is quickly become an Internet hit.

10 PM on September 9 48 points, sina net friend & other; Jiangxi college students online & throughout; Sent out a tweet, & other; A freshman to a new classmate called fuck Japan, hasn’t come yet, had a fire! Throughout the &; Illustrated, followed by weibo is the students as well as several other new information such as gender, native place.

weibo once released, immediately attracted a large number of netizens onlookers. Some netizens doubt the authenticity of its name, also have net friend say this name enough ambition! The net friend & other; Artzqj” Exclaimed, & other; God general name! Throughout the &; Then, a large number of & other; Worship & throughout; The affection of netizens have also published their views. The net friend & other; Radio pell & throughout; Quipped, & other; If I am a counselor, I chose him as our monitor. Great! Throughout the &; More netizens to stand in the Angle of the thinking that & other; The child’s future will be affected by this name. Throughout the &;

posted without permission will be justice for students

& other; Fuck Japan & throughout; The spread the fire, admit the student of jiangxi normal university of science and technology institute of technology in the noon ‘bo statement yesterday, & other; For @ jiangxi college students online without the student and the school allows, spread our preliminary admission grade 12 mathematics and applied mathematics (normal) students & lsquo; Fuck Japan & rsquo; Information about such as students, our school will not give up the responsibility. Throughout the &;

then, bo, head of the school officer told the tianfu morning post reporter, netizens & other; Jiangxi college students online & throughout; To release the information such as student’s native place, the student number, has caused bad effect to the student, & other; At present, fuck Japan already reply back to the original high school classmate, he has said to himself that he is caused by heat transfer of weibo a lot of trouble. Throughout the &; The school hope weibo publisher to a public apology, and take the responsibility of public opinion.

yesterday morning, & other; Jiangxi college students online & throughout; Have on weibo publicly apologize to the student, however, & other; Each other again after release similar weibo, and weibo before forwarding. This is what we can’t accept. Throughout the &; The school official Po head and then said, & other; Whether to hold the dropout restudy events cause, therefore, our school will continue to give communication investigation, also students a reasonable. Throughout the &;

name query

the national more than 100000 people last name & other; Operation & throughout;

for & other; Operation & throughout; Surname, baidu encyclopedia, & other; A seed, jin wudi crazy after the jin regime killed cao wei royalty, cao cao fallen sun to cao cao. Fuck is now widespread, not accurate statistics about fuck name of more than 100000 people across the country. Throughout the &;

publisher said & gt; & gt; & gt;

& other; Entertainment mindset & throughout;

for netizens to & other; Fuck Japan & throughout; The name of the questioning and ridicule, tianfu morning post reporter dialed weibo publisher & other; Jiangxi college students online & throughout; On the phone.

the other said he is the senior students, jiangxi normal university & other; This tweet is my after a group of related information in the BGF, photo is from my personal weibo. As for the details of which man’s weibo, I did not care about, released when the state of mind that is purely entertainment, do remember now. Throughout the &;

lawyers say

can propose civil liability

point Cheng Shaopeng in a law firm lawyers, said sichuan belongs to individual privacy information such as name, such as public release without my permission, and significant influence on my life, or honorary, the parties may request the civil liability, the publisher shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility and compensation for mental health.

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