New now, 400 million years ago, the first hole bone fish fossils, and fish today (FIG.)

yunnan hole fish bone diagram. Brian Choo

400 million years ago the ancestors of will and descendants of today’s children and grandchildren grow almost identical? Of course that’s impossible! Unless the nature evolution & other; The clock & throughout; The lockout. Published today in the morning of the British journal of natural & middot; communication, it reports the so rare & other; Throughout the lockout &; : the researcher at the institute of vertebrate paleontology and paleoanthropology, Chinese academy of sciences zhu’s team found a coelacanth, 400 million years ago fish & ndash; & ndash; Yunnan hole bone fish, its anatomy and swimming today coelacanth, fish in the sea are almost identical.

eating fish, no one will eat their fins, because above have no meat. Fish-like sarcopterygii fish was different, however, its fins meat can be developed, it is a bit like a leg! Early 400 million years ago, a fish-like sarcopterygii fish will depend on the fish-like sarcopterygii, step by step climb to the land, evolved into various animals on land. However, fish-like sarcopterygii fish another & ndash; & ndash; Empty stickleback but in later years, magically stopped the evolution, who has faithfully genetic ancestor’s body appearance, until today. Zhu, in more than 400 million years ago the early devonian, empty stickleback has experienced a rapid evolution, & other; The rapid reproduction, early fish migration, from yunnan, China has been spread to all over the world. Throughout the &; And he said, & other; In that millions of years, the original empty stickleback many morphological evolution in modern coelacanth, fish, almost no change from now on. Throughout the &; In 1938, the first modern coelacanth, fish & ndash; & ndash; Lydia when Michael fish on the east coast of Africa is being caught, it shocked the entire academic circles: how can it and more than 300 million years ago the ancestors of identical?

academic thought, empty stickleback in about 390 million years ago in the devonian in the stagnation of evolution. However, the emergence of yunnan hole bone fish has will forward again this time about 17 million years. Zhu explanation, by high resolution CT scan, their ear area of yunnan hole fish bone scanning and three-dimensional reconstruction, decided that it belongs to & other; Anatomy in the sense of modern coelacanth, fish & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; This means that this & other; Living fossil & throughout; Stop the evolution steps of time, forward again in 17 million.