New research suggests that plant not deaf mute will talk corn is “safe”

in the past has always been considered the silence of the plant kingdom, they recently caught the attention of the scientists. From the west, according to a new study at the university of plants did not deaf or dumb, they will be with each other & other; Speak & throughout; .

in the experiment, is considered to be more powerful & other; Safe & throughout; Plants for corn, according to research, their voice is as high as 220 hz, don’t need to use & other; Instruments & throughout; We to the human ear can hear. Have you ever hear of plant & other; Address & throughout; ? They really can communicate? The reporter interviewed agricultural university and nanjing institute of vegetables flowers.

Latest research:

plants will talk to each other

in a world of full of the sound, the plant has long been thought would only keep silent. But it turns out that they have been & other; Speak & throughout; . According to a new study from the university of western Australia as a result, there is evidence that plants neither deaf or mute.

researchers monica & middot; Galliano (Monica Gagliano) found that plants regularly to respond, through its roots to produce a series of & other; Click & throughout; The sound, the communication between the flora may is critical to their survival. Galliano: & other; As you all know, light will have a reaction, the scientists also know that plants use volatile chemicals to communicate with each other, for example, when grazing animals appear some plants will be close to each other.

galliano is an evolutionary ecologist, he and professor at the university of Florence stefano & middot; Library search (Stefano Mancuso) study together, for some young maize plants’ roots decision eavesdropping. Incredibly, they found that the roots of maize plants have regularly sent 220 hz range of voice, this is the human ear can hear the voice of the frequency range.

in order to prove the other plants also can hear the sound, the researchers will be the corn and some specimens of maize root is suspended in the water together. Facts have proven that the root is suspended in the water the corn leaning to speak of corn.

how plant communication and for whatever reason communication still has a lot of need to know, galliano said: & other; This is likely to be sensitive to some form of sound and vibration of plant life plays an important role. We have found that the plants may be able to do many things like animals. Throughout the &; The researchers will soon test whether other plants also have this kind of communication. After all, everyone knows corn growing & other; Ear & throughout; .

netizen said:

corn ears heard & other; Speak & throughout;

plants can voice? The voice of the corn, we don’t even need to use any equipment can hear? How does anyone really heard corn?

reporter interviewed several experts of nanjing institute of vegetables, flowers, they all said, before in the process of scientific research, is really no attention to the plant will sound.

however, on the Internet, many netizens said they did ever hear voice grew up corn.

& ndash; & ndash; YiHua wrote in the article to hear the sound of maize jointing stage, when maize jointing stage, you can hear a voice, is ever heard the voice, the voice isalso rang and, the connection, just like the wonderful music, the sound is so slight, slight to ear can hardly hear you.

a net friend like also echoed said, I hear the sound of the corn jointing stage as a child.

and jiang village smoke tree jcys weibo so describing the sound of the corn, in summer night in the moonlight, the dew condensation of corn leaf, in his sleep wake up, you can enjoy the spectacular and huge phalanx corn on its flowing silver halo, can hear the voice of maize jointing stage, the corn jointing sound is perhaps the most subtle sound, summer very bottom of the heart is cool, and had slight itch, like a brilliant bright water droplets in quietly slip.

south agriculture experts:

corn & other; Speak & throughout; , & other; Vibration & throughout; Caused by

many netizens have said, in the summer night, the corn, jointing stage and indeed heard from corn isalso voice, though the sound is very slight, but as long as it is in the dead of night, a heart to listen to, can feel it.

so the voice of the maize jointing stage, whether they are in communication, fans can understand the language of the companions?

this, nanjing agricultural university institute of technology experts in plant electrical signal Liu Jingxia teacher tells a reporter, is made by vibration and voice, the voice of the maize growth period jointing stage, many people said in a quiet enough environment can hear the sound of the straw grew up, is actually the plants grow in the process of vibration caused by jointing stage, the sound is not & other; Consciousness throughout the &; .

she explains, there is no research to show that the plants grow to the voice of the vibration between the plant & other; Communication & throughout; Language, because did not find plants with & other; Receiving language, voice & throughout; The & other; Device & throughout; , maize growth in jointing stage and the subtle sound, although the human ear can hear, but other corn is hard to receive, so can rely on corn and other Sound & throughout; To communicate, that is not.