New restore true disclosure “first love” lei feng: was a literary youth

learn lei feng activities normalized & ndash; & ndash; This is the sixth plenary session of the 17th “decision” clearly put forward a requirement. This requirement, will lead us to find the contemporary & other; Lei feng’s spirit & throughout; Salute to our role model!

last year, we call ordinary conscience, launch & other; Stick to the bottom line & ndash; & ndash; Ordinary conscience & throughout; Large coverage, responded enthusiastically. Today, we launched & other; Learning lei feng’s example & throughout; Special report, restore the real lei feng, combing the meanings of the lei feng’s spirit in different era.

why lei feng’s spirit to carry forward? As a first step, let us to know the old friends again. A few days ago, “lei feng” collected by the Chinese press. The book brings together the lei feng’s 22 years of life to write down the words, including diaries, poetry, novels, speeches, letters, essays, words and so on, a lot of content available for the first time. Included in the book of the lei feng’s manuscript, the handwriting tilt to the left, but very handsome. Through these ancient ink mark, we want to close to the real lei feng.

– the dream-seeker who carries the writer dream and put into practice

he used to be a with & other; The writer dream & throughout; The literary youth.

this issue of the “lei feng’s complete works”, not only included the diary written by the living lei feng, speech, etc., also includes his more than 30 poems, three novel and 10 essay. Through these words, you can see the lei feng has the personality, behavior, two generations of soldiers of infection, unexpectedly also created by road.

in order to implement the writer dream, lei feng to do what? The book includes a lot of valuable information. Including a lei feng poetry study notes. The above records the classification of poetry, the characteristics of folk songs, etc.

it is worth mentioning in the book includes lei feng of several novel creation. There are three novels fragments, no finishing. One has no title, no end, but a lasting appeal, at the beginning of the novel: in March, a sunny day, the girls with me, and I told her, in droves running up the hill, looking for all kinds of wild vegetables, how happy they are! & hellip; & hellip;

LeiFengCeng expressed to others want to be a writer’s dream.

general office of the people’s liberation army general logistics studying room original director, who compiled the “lei feng’s complete works” XingHuaQi, lei feng to treat weishan site newspaper editor Peng Zhengyuan expressed this dream. Peng Zhengyuan once wrote in his memoir, & other; He potter around my neck, very excited to say if we can show people’s great struggle that everything changed in the form of literature and art, that how interesting! Throughout the &;

since then, lei feng will dream into practice. His comrades, doug bing, a 75 – year – old old man told reporters that this year the forces in each have a satchel, others shoulder bag is filled out with everyday items, but the lei feng’s bulging is full of books in the bag. They live in a big house in the evening, he often saw it was late, lei feng also learn to read in bed, or writing.

in 1958, at the age of 18, lei feng has wrote the novel 2 and 9, 5 prose poems.

/help others stingy but generous to others to yourself

the Internet has been the question of lei feng donations. To this, “lei feng’s complete works”, included in a manuscript mentioned’s donation.

by lei feng’s September 19, 1961, “the party become a full member application form”, & other; I got a letter from a private primary school in henan province, they said, because of a few years suffered from natural disasters, caused some temporary difficulties, you want me to give them to economic help. After I see this letter, to the governor for instructions, ready to sell their clothes and shoes, to support their education. When chief didn’t agree with me that, my heart felt very upset & hellip; & hellip; Then took out his nine months of the year set to stay in the army all allowance (one hundred yuan), support the dry ditch run by the local primary school. I send money out, my heart is happy. Throughout the &;

XingHuaQi introduction, this is lei feng’s donation of manuscripts published for the first time made public. “The party become a full member application form” is to read aloud when the organization investigation, there can be no any false, it also effectively response the & other; Lei feng’s donation question & throughout; .

doug bing old man tells a reporter, lei feng very thrifty in daily life. Always filleted clothes is broken. Doug bing memories, when new recruits subsidies is 6 yuan a month, a lot of people in addition to the money to buy toothpaste tooth brush was used as money. Are sold out of the car passing by sweet potato, ice lolly, many soldiers out of the car to buy a little to eat, but from lei feng to spend money. He saved can save money, save up. As long as a heard that who need help, lei feng never be generous.

once, a fellow soldier shampoo in the home, mother said a letter from home is difficult. Lei feng was quietly to mail some comrades home money. Until later, when the soldier says the money received the letter in the home, just know lei feng sent me money.