“News broadcast” the college students announcer: sweet smile (FIG.)

on the desk is the dream of college students of broadcasting and hosting, and entered the CCTV studio and the students dreamed of things. Recently, CCTV news channel, a group of young faces, nicknamed & other; Practice announcer & throughout; In the name of a.

on April 17 at 3 am, CCTV news channel, “the news studio” appeared a fresh face host, he is the Chinese media university grade 2010 students Zhang Zhonglu double degree class. The next few days, frequent new faces that screen subtitles introducing them to & other; Practice announcer & throughout; . CCTV has a staff confirmed, & other; Practice announcer & throughout; Are college students, CCTV also choose veteran news anchor one-on-one guidance for students, the first phase of Zhang Zhonglu the guidance of the teacher is the anchor Peng Kun “evening news”. Then the media reporters at the communication university of China’s official website found the school cooperate with CCTV news, the two sides is signed in December 18th & other; Construction of practical teaching base agreement & throughout; , the students will have to be borne with anchor news dubbing tasks six months, an average of five hours a day work, to achieve the final out news channels broadcast the news.

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practice announcer