“News grinch” Wallace’s death had an interview with deng xiaoping’s death was not announced

cause of death is not released, he was 93 years old; Host ace program “60 minutes” 38 years, an interview with the allied leaders

the CBS, said a spokesman for 8, a famous American reporter and host mike & middot; Wallace in the local time on April 7, died in new haven, Connecticut, has died at the age of 93. Wallace had received a heart surgery. The spokesman said, Wallace’s health deteriorated in recent years.

& other; He is the pioneer of the press. Throughout the &; CBS morning news host Bob & middot; Frank scheffer said in the show, & other; We will miss him forever. Throughout the &;

in the United States, Wallace is a household name. Since 1968, Wallace classic TV show “60 minutes” for 38 years, retired in 2006.

Wallace made brilliant achievements in the news business. After the interview with John & middot; After Kennedy, he interviewed except George & middot; Bush all the President of the United States, there are a large number of luminaries, including Russian leader vladimir putin, Iran’s supreme leader, ayatollah ali khamenei, the plo leader yasser arafat and black civil rights activists Martin & middot; Luther & middot; Gold, etc.

on September 2, 1986, in an interview in zhongnanhai Wallace. The interview, deng xiaoping gave China’s reform & other; Never look back & throughout; The argument. In September 1993, deng xiaoping’s conversation with the answer American reporter mike & middot; Wallace asked “title, income for the third volume of selected works of deng xiaoping. This is the first time deng xiaoping one-to-one television interview. It is said that this is only a deng xiaoping one-on-one a television reporter interview.

on August 15, 2000, Wallace had an interview with Mr Jiang.

in 2006, the 88 – year – old Wallace announced his retirement. The media commented that he’s retirement marked the end of an era style. After he has retired, he still occasionally do report. (the clock)


this name on behalf of hard news, survey news; Don’t shy away from, don’t back down and aggressive to ask questions. “60 minutes” program for 38 years, Wallace interview a lot of celebrities, including the Chinese leader deng xiaoping and jiang zemin.

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friend evaluation & other; News grinch & throughout; Wallace

fear, shameless, but great

mike & middot; Wallace was born in 1918 in the Russian jewish family that was admitted to university he root, with excellent grades has been wedded to start with the news.

after graduating from college, he was hired by a radio station in Detroit, become a darling broadcasting in Chicago, he just turned 23 years old to outstanding eloquence into overnight & other; Windy city & throughout; One of the most popular performers. After the outbreak of the Pacific war, world war ii patriotic Wallace resolutely gave up the flourishing career, in the Pacific theater for the two and a half years as a naval officer.

in 1951, Wallace moved to New York, shuttled between CBS and New York City’s fifth channel, founded and chaired the & other; Mike & middot; Wallace chase & throughout; , & other 60 minutes & throughout; Shock, such as news in the United States, in pursuit of news authenticity, the practice of track type is famous for its profundity and expose the social problems, in the field is known as the world’s media & other; News grinch & throughout; .

Wallace is not a perfect person. Many of his friends said he and other Fearless, shameless, but great & throughout; . As news man, he likes to hunt down type way of news interview, clinging to the news arrived & other Stubborn & throughout; Position.

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he is famous for its sharp sharp style, he dug up a lot of valuable news facts, but also caused a lot of outrage and questioned.


the opinion of him, like he said he is the embodiment of justice, the opposition to send him a & other; Bold & throughout; Reviews, overtones irony he is a little trouble maker.

Wallace smooth career in business, the marriage is hit, had been divorced. In 2006, Wallace announced his retirement, he experiences many frustrations in later life, once suffer from depression. (the clock)