Ni ping presided over the new programme “is changed” said life is a joke

once the CCTV & other; Host a sister & throughout; Ni ping before seclusion, rarely gives interviews, let alone in the face of the media express temperament, give a person impression is always a serious & other; Broadcast face & throughout; Jiangsu TV debut, and recently she draft class variety show “stand out” for review. Recording the scene, the present & other; NiDaJie & throughout; Not only with reporters play a poverty of humor, love on the stage with more partner guo degang cunning positioned, there are players on red satin, and orange peel a spoof props, ni ping all accept, & other; Disposition changed & throughout; , let a person cannot adapt to, but NiDaJie light said: & other; In fact my personality is I hosted the party with him hid themselves. Throughout the &;

his own

life is funny, review the Spring Festival gala show the punchline low are said Joe

q: you as the first generation of poem, popular throughout the ninety s of the last century, from the original tears lian lian, to now along with guo degang & other; Crazy & throughout; , character, mutation, the audience all don’t understand.

ni ping: that is you don’t know me, I have presided over the program didn’t give me such a stage. I was young, colleagues to the unit to eat, I secretly run out, look back I still pretend to and together they find, column group said, after me & other; NiDaJie, speak a joke for me, the hell out of me. Throughout the &; CCTV bidding meeting each year, they sent me to give businesses say jokes, soon pulls back to half a dozen million for the CCTV advertising, every Spring Festival gala they sent me to language class program review and tell me funny laugh, funny show shot, put me in the first row of every year, because I’m the punchline low, everyone laugh I tried to smile, the somebody else feel bad smile I also smiled as childcare. What character mutation, all of the 50 s and 60 s, also how to change?

q: in addition to film, television, still can see you now, basically rarely come out, how to do the draft program review?

ni ping: I now really rarely come out. To participate in the activities to let me have a feeling that if a & presided over the years other Throughout her mother-in-law &; Now, there are qualification out lessons & other; Daughter-in-law & throughout; . In fact, I do & other; Throughout her mother-in-law &; And also not ready, and & other Daughter-in-law & throughout; Is two generations, even if the competitors and I are a generation, the host also each have each characteristic, the critique is not objective thing, especially the audience is the more uncertain factors. Attend the show this time is really appealing proposal, I estimate that jiangsu TV also can’t find what person? (laughs)

his peers

bai yansong drinks alcohol of any kind is not bai yansong

q: host in China now, do you prefer any particular host or particularly appreciate China?

ni ping: yes, for example I like two types, one is a thinking type, such as bai yansong, at the same time, the language of bai yansong always different, this is very important. Another I like such as cui yongyuan, and very humor, actually this kind of humor in with ideas, not humor, hu pure hu humor is poor, the poor who will, but the real humor is very difficult.

q: CCTV now variety shows a lot of, such as “happy dictionary”, li yong cui yongyuan “thank god, you come, you feel the style of the host files right?

ni ping (thought for a moment) : why must preside over someone else’s program, you can’t plan a ah, I’ll do a & other; Lili & throughout; And PK, ha ha! You see a lot of the host, it is show limit their style, it’s quite different with their own character. Bai yansong, said tao, I gave you if drank wine, which is the bai yansong, too busy! And character is particularly lovely, nothing would love to sing Beijing Opera, people don’t listen to him sing in the, in fact, I know several comedian, instead, they live in is very quiet, can be finished release jokes are on the stage.

his partner

guo degang the stage shaking baggage are & other; Reserves at home & throughout;

q: how do you comment on your new partner guo degang host level?

ni ping: do you really understand the guo degang, later you will know why his crosstalk go today, because he learned anything in childhood, Beijing Opera, beauty drums & hellip; & hellip; He told me today he can go out to dinner with friends and chew the fat for a year no more than five times, in addition to performance and do nothing else. I ask that you are doing at home, reading a book, he said that you know he shaking the baggage is definitely not doing clever, he actually still have reserves. And host level difference is not professional not professional, regular or not regular training, education also has a very good, such as bai yansong, and cui yongyuan; Not by training also has a very good, such as LZSB learn director, Zhang Yue is learning Chinese, Dong Qing learn performance, is north university law sa beining. The college is to make a knowledge base.

q: I don’t know you in the future have you ever thought, then picked up a microphone in front of the television as a moderator in front of everyone?

ni ping: have you thought about. The had never feel down, just like you can ride a bicycle, there is a bike in front of him, have a will go up a lift your leg, will ride away, did not have to how, never put down, also didn’t serious picked up, so there is no such desire and design.

media impression

NiPingZhen love & other; Face & throughout;

retire after hosting industry, ni ping is little exposure, now every time, always accompanied by & other; Fat & throughout; & other; So many wrinkles & throughout; Such as negative. Before the interview, the author thought that as a hostess, she didn’t want to talk about & other; A matter of face & throughout; Didn’t ask, but I didn’t expect that, the somebody else his chamber, and stood up, when you take a photo of photography eldest brother said with a smile: & other; Take two come, now I’m not photogenic, you see, even the dress zipper son didn’t close the & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; On stage, there are players send mask, to review and ni ping said self-mockery, & other; If according to the face, I estimate is eggplant or squash. Throughout the &;

she surprisingly frank, but after deep chat, can you understand that these readily self-deprecation comes from a kind of professional confidence, see have presided over the dream of young people, for example, she can always hit the nail on the head is pointed out that the weakness of players, then sincerely to suggest: & other; You saying a lot of time flying, now a lot of host for no reason, but others so that you don’t, sink down, is yourself. Throughout the &;

16 years career, armed with a microphone, in accordance with the ni ping’s own words: & other; From the start, unable to find north, to undergo countless games & lsquo; War & rsquo; One cavity warm blood accumulation experience, struggle out of the brilliant career, now return with children every day, drawing, shopping markets of ordinary life, who will say what love, the age comes, who will have wrinkles, not by injection to retain youth, a PS nun according to stir, I don’t do it. Throughout the &;