Ni ping tear up the 100 pieces of paintings 100000 each New Year work into the market to be bestowed favor on newly

it is said that NiPingYong & other; Picture & throughout; The way to meet the beginning of 2013.

television presenters, actors, writers & hellip; & hellip; They order represent the public identity of ni ping. She in just a few months ago & other harvest; Bing xin’s prose award & throughout; , it is more strengthened her as a writer. Now, she again with a new identity impact public view: painter. This sounds seems unlikely. But now, ni ping painting & other; A market & throughout; , basically, each able to take out the cost of 100000 yuan or so, it will cover her in a certain extent on the new ring.

a few days ago, people’s education press host the ni ping painting day new seminar.

in fact, ni ping in painting creation road there are many little-known story. The most let people surprise & other; Ni ping picture & throughout; . She explain why tear, said the painting & other; I believe I have the ability to draw better & throughout; . So at the beginning of the end, based on to let her painting creation standing at a new starting point, picture, she tore a whole night & other; May have to have 100 & throughout; .

“the ni ping painting day” is a pictorial, text of about 60000 words. This text is her prose language. She did not admit their own writing along with the gender. & other; Write these words in more than 20 days & throughout; . She would like to pass yourself, to think, to present the most authentic way.