Nicholas tse collection of more than 200 guitar: his ex-wife Cecilia cheung was jealousy (FIG.)

s guitar with Nicholas tse English name & other; NICHOLAS” .

s collection of guitar when he was 20 and above written & other; 20 & throughout; With the words.

s it was named & other; Fire cloud ahriman & throughout; Guitar, Nicholas tse in concert VIVALIVE used.

see guitar as Nicholas tse, he reportedly collection of more than 200 various guitar in the home. Nicholas tse admitted because of his family background, he easily saved up for years to buy any more money won’t be able to buy a guitar, and he first put the high price of the guitar is my mother and some aunts from the us. In Japan, New York, and even Taiwan, Nicholas tse had to buy a good guitar, especially bought in Taiwan have black blue lightning streaks of guitar, Nicholas tse is also popular. In addition to find famous custom guitar, also has a lot of collection is his design or hand made.

tse said publicly, hope can drive a guitar exhibition, let more people to share the guitar world together. His love of the guitar, even his ex-wife ever envy ground to say: & other; He got home just holding the guitar don’t hug me. Throughout the &;