NiuHe beam unearthed remains mysterious hand jade turtle suspected huangdi ShenMao (FIG.)

NiuHe beam remains mysterious figure (local). File photo

is located in liaoning chaoyang jianping, LingYuan border NiuHe beam site, to push forward the Chinese civilization for 1000 years. In a shape NiuHe beam such as the tomb of the mausoleum of hadrian rubble big future generations, a jade turtle in hand, the old man remains are causing the posterity. Why this remains reflects the characteristics and the legendary yellow emperor ShenMao agree?

yellow emperor disturbing

Shi Youque load the earliest contact & other; The yellow emperor man & throughout; King wu of zhou, zhou is cut out. But see it’s not the yellow emperor ji fa, but the seed of the yellow emperor. The rites & middot; have yue ji cloud: & other; Wu Wang Ke Yin and shang, not out of the car and seal after the yellow emperor in the thistle. Throughout the &; Thistle in yanshan south today, at the foot of the Great Wall.

in the western han dynasty, sima qian in shiji sovereigns biography begins, the existence of the yellow emperor.

in the tang dynasty, tang royal mountain in shaanxi province bridge reconstruction & other; XuanYuanMiao & throughout; , repair & other; Cenotaph & throughout; , the yellow emperor father became a cult of Chinese peoples. Behold, the nomadic steppe desert, was once seen as a & other; Outside the people throughout the &; Xianbei people, qidan people not to be outdone, have said he is the true descendants of the yellow emperor & hellip; & hellip; Ancestors, to go to, the yellow emperor identity who also became a solution doesn’t open the riddle of the epic.

this mystery spanning thousands of years, until the early 1980 s. When NiuHe beam rubble mound tomb open, especially the fifth place center large tomb a headrest jade, jade turtle in hand, the remains of the old man to the present moment, the world of the yellow emperor in scholar mind flash across a variety of memory.

NiuHe beam remains mysterious

, according to experts found in current NiuHe beam in the grave, excavated bones nearly a century, in the second place, the fifth place, 16 locations are center’s tomb. The most eye-catching is the fifth place center remains large tomb of the old man.

in liaoning province museum of the Chinese ancient civilization in the exhibition hall, the mysterious old man’s recovery remains lie in the middle of the hall, seems to be to each visitor that convey a message: hundreds of remains in the rubble mound NiuHe beam, the most important. In & other; Only for burial jade & throughout; NiuHe beam rubble large tomb, the mysterious old man rubble large burial tomb unearthed jade is not the most, only seven pieces. But the 7 pieces of jade is typical, especially MuZhuRen each hand holding a jade turtle, extremely rare.

this tomb for single her back straight leg was buried, is YiLao years men, head to the east. Buried with 7 pieces of jade article is: the GouYun wek-jin, coupling each a jade, white jade bracelets, jade and jade turtle each pair.

, experts say, hoop jade is the mediation artifact MuZhuRen communicate with the gods, is the symbol of status MuZhuRen theocracy. GouYun wek-jin is proved MuZhuRen living & other; One method & throughout; And prominent symbol. MuZhuRen in each hand holding a blessing of jade turtle to life-extension that this jade tortoise, not the sovereign king shall not trespass.

huangdi tribe in the cloud, for totem, mysterious old man put on his chest GouYun wek-jin, vividly by archaeologists as he reigns for the & other; Mace & throughout; . In primitive society, clan leaders more to theosophical & other Big wu & throughout; Life and death, palm.

the yellow emperor, xuanyuan, regulus guo moruo’s research can, that day. This mysterious LaoRenShou holding jade tortoise, convey life special information of the man. Who qualified in five thousand years ago, headrest, jade hand double turtle? And who have such a noble status?