Nobel judges malmqvist: Cao Naiqian China’s first-class writer

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if, the Nobel Prize for literature by malmqvist a person in charge, so, the winner of this year will be a Chinese writer, this person may be mo yan, also may be li, but is more likely to be Cao Naiqian.

Sweden Sinologist, the Nobel Prize for literature, a senior judge malmqvist is China’s son-in-law, often appearing in China over the past two years, Chinese people have a Nobel Prize is complex, so the total somebody asked him, a Chinese writer, who is most likely to win the Nobel Prize?

malmqvist will raise several names, such as mo yan, li, & other; And Cao Naiqian, he is also one of the most first-class writer in China, with strength to win the Nobel Prize for literature & throughout; .

Cao Naiqian who is it?

believe that even many people have never heard of literary world.

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by malmqvist is & other; Buried genius writer & throughout; Cao Naiqian, is an ordinary policeman in datong shanxi, 57 years old this year, his modest appellation is a & other; Hick & throughout; . His novel to the night think you can’t: warm home kiln scenery “published just last year was malmqvist translated into swe, previously, recommended by malmqvist, has been out of the traditional Chinese in Taiwan.

a dozen Nobel literature prize judges, malmqvist only understand Chinese, he also have a special liking to Chinese writers. In 1988, the Nobel Prize is awarded to shen congwen, heard of the death of shen congwen. Shen congwen as idols malmqvist is trying to persuade other judges make an exception and the award to the dead, after repeated persuasion is invalid, the 64 – year – old malmqvist crying out of the room.

in that year, the Nobel Prize for literature awarded to the Egyptian writer naguib & middot; Mach f.

to night think you can’t is Cao Naiqian began writing in 1987 & other; Warm home kiln scenery & throughout; 28 series, by short stories and a medium-length novels, was written in greenhouse kiln of the people and things, in magazines such as Beijing literature.

in greenhouse YanBei region of kiln in shanxi and Inner Mongolia border, called north kiln village, wen is 1974 Cao Naiqian countryside cut in line. Warm home kiln is very poor, the villagers can’t afford to marry a wife, many people are the two men were to marry a woman. Two men were his wife in the local has become a custom. The villagers’ favorite food is made of yellow rice Fried cake.

a local folk song is so sing:

Fried cake

Chicken chicken


who wouldn’t say it’s a good thing

& other; Plate chicken chicken is what? Throughout the &; At the end of April, Cao Naiqian appeared in chongqing, the national book fair, answer in a new book release ask: & other; Is the female genitals. Throughout the &;