Nobel Prize winner naipaul say killed his wife: she gave him confidence He was cheating


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naipaul Margaret with Argentina lover

recently, the 2001 Nobel Prize winner d & middot; Sue & middot; Naipaul’s comments drew criticism like tide. There is no female writer, he claims, through the ages, that can compare with him; Woman is inferior to male writers, because their & other; Sentimental and narrow view of the world throughout the &;; Moreover, they & other; Is not the real head of the family, so the same reason with text on a harness & throughout; . The comments made him not only the public enemy of all women writers, and caused widespread criticism from all walks of life.

however, criticism in naipaul’s expected, in his view, can’t inspire hostile writer is not a good writer. So, in the past several decades, he criticized the africans, French, criticized predecessors and colleagues, criticised politicians celebrities, enemies. However, all of these people are from naipaul criticism can and his wife were hurt.

in naipaul had hurt a lot of people, the most injured is his wife. She will save him from the darkest period, and he ended up & other; To kill her & throughout; .

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in 1932, naipaul was born in Trinidad was also belongs to a British colony. His grandfather was the Indian immigrants. Although naipaul family belongs to the highest Hindu caste & ndash; & ndash; Brahman, enjoying a caste of certain glory and political privilege, but in his memory, the family is difficult to maintain in terms of economy, & other; Sometimes even didn’t eat rice & throughout; .

naipaul’s mother from powerful local family, father shepherd thad is a sensitive and fragile, a passionate lovers of literature have no achievement, a stranger under his wife’s family, often a mockery by in-laws. Naipaul has succeeded to his father, his love for literature also encountered the embarrassment of empathy to the father. Many years later, his masterpiece the BiSi tile house of Mr Hero’s father as the prototype. Unfortunately, shepherd thad had time to see his dream literature on son, 1953 died at the age of 47 alone, at that time, naipaul was studied at the university of Oxford, didn’t come back home to attend his father’s funeral.

this profound experience of childhood, prompting naipaul fled from Trinidad. In 1949, 17-year-old naipaul won the British government scholarship, into the Oxford University in 1950, since then, has been living in the UK.

since graduated from Oxford, naipaul had to write for the magazine of political texts. In 1957, he published his first “mysterious masseurs”, the official start of the dream to father failed to achieve the literary world. After several decades, he has launched dozens of fiction and nonfiction works, its representative works have “BiSi tile house of Mr (1961),” river “(1979),” to the mystery of “(1987), etc. In the 1980 s, he is regarded as the best living English writer, some people predicted that he will be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. However, until 2001, when 70 naipaul won the Nobel Prize for literature laureate of.

claims to know nothing about the motherland, no love

however, the Nobel Prize for literature to naipaul celebrities in the world at the same time, also let whole life outside of his works present in front of the world, at this time, people see is not just a great writer, is a controversial person.

won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2001 after the first press conference, he made no mention of Trinidad. It seems to many people in Trinidad, this is naipaul deliberately left out of country. But this is not a naipaul such treatment for the first time that his mouth & other Insignificant little point on the map & throughout; .

in fact, for he grew up in Trinidad, naipaul has made no secret of his contempt and apathy. He has publicly said, was born in Trinidad was a mistake, for the motherland, he knew nothing, no love. In a letter in 1952, he wrote: & other; If I will always live in Trinidad, that I would rather die. The place is too small, all values are wrong, there are also small gas. And where I almost can’t do & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; In 1962, he have independent country, it does talk about & other; History is based on the achievement and creating, and in the west Indies, nothing has been created. Throughout the &;