Noodle shop appearance “on the tip of the tongue of China” hit the landlord rent increases one times

11, a tweet caught the attention of the old guangzhou and foodies: & other; In the second set “on the tip of the tongue of China” pasta project for south to send pasta to earn a place in the old traditional noodle, guangzhou city a few still adhere to the traditional hand-made noodles w, bamboo surface by owner suddenly add rent more than doubled, as Beijing will end in the 18th of this month. Landlord originally only charge them 9000 yuan rent, but because the documentary, the landlord took 18000 yuan. Throughout the &;

a lot of netizens to owner was forced to pay your rent Ming gravamen. Reporter interviewed the owner, Mr Li said whether because “China’s on the tip of the tongue” fame and rent is to say, he has decided to move out.

weibo mentioned w, bamboo noodle shop is located in west road no. 8, peace is only about 10 meters from the crossroads. The reporter sees, although is at 4 PM, but customers who had come to eat noodles.

increase in passenger flow after the program

the shopkeeper shi-lin li said that since 2004, began to rent the store business, until now. & other; There are about 83 square meters, the rent is $4500, up 10% a year, the year the rent is 9860 yuan. Throughout the &; This year, Mr Li said on June 20, he and shop owners of the original contract, owner to rent, last month said it’s relatively low rents. & other; The owner said to 18000 yuan. Throughout the &; Mr Li said that this is really can’t afford to rent himself, so can only be posted on the red paper, notice the old neighborhood shops will move to li wan road branch.

Mr Li said that although bamboo surface, not their own special, but the face of the own store selection of flour, and is the use of duck egg weight, and the alkaline to neutralize the acid and alkali balance, has its own unique experience. & other; To put into more people think that caustic soda is in order to make the surface becomes elastic, it is not the case, under the alkaline just for the sake of acid-base balance, let noodles not metamorphism, the elasticity of the noodles was using bamboo pressure when the lane. Throughout the &; Mr Li said.

the shopkeeper shi-lin li said: & other; Television broadcast nearly two thirty percent, more than does the guest after recent know these days we are moving to the store, and two more thirty percent of the guests, at noon to set the table on to the pavement were full. Throughout the &; For journalists, however, whether the proposed because “on the tip of the tongue of China” broadcast, the owner to put forward price, Mr. Li with reservation responded that this is not to say.

Mr Li also said that & other; The media help good, of course. Throughout the &; On TV are helpful to business, but because of the small stores, and traditional family business, although have profit, does not mean that open a noodle shop will make money. & other; Adhere to the traditional manual production, how much a day? I’m not open more than a dozen chains with big boss, don’t intend to earn don’t earn in my life. Throughout the &;

a reporter from the online video “on the tip of the tongue of China” in the second set, introduce guangzhou bamboo pieces below for about 2 minutes, shot to w, bamboo scene in the noodle shop is not much, but not directly given name. In master program of do in surface mu-sen li, he begin at nine o ‘clock every day from eight to play, work five hours can play in front of the nearly 100 jins, calculate by the 121 noodles, every day from his hand out in front of 1000 bowls.

neighborhood is difficult to give up the old

after that noodle shop to move out, often to the neighborhood said. Have had four years in the bamboo noodle shop customers, Mr Ho said his move goods around, twice a week to eat noodles. & other; Suddenly didn’t have to eat will not willing to give up, I hope it can come back in the near later. Throughout the &; Mr Ho said.

Mr. Li, the owner of west road no. 76 has now and peace talks, ready to open shop there. & other; The other side of the store has a 76 square meters, smaller than here, opened 10000 yuan rent, I think is quite reasonable. If the epa’s eia can pass, I will be on July 1 to 10, shop to move there. Throughout the &;

Mr Lee’s bamboo noodle shop is about to move past peace west road no. 76, is currently an intermediary company. Company boss said, when the time comes bamboo noodle shop moved, the owners agreed to existing stores set aside a part of him, the rest of the let to bamboo noodle shop.

then, the reporter visited several nearby shops, found the stores after the contract ends, the owners have also proposed price increases, and gain a lot.

in just 18 crossroads along the border with peace west road, south road, is located in a 48, 105 square meters of stew, position and bamboo noodle shop similar to rent three years ago when the price is 7000 yuan, up 5% a year, this year’s price is 8000 yuan, the contract expires in July and owners to rent to rise to $10000.

noun explanation:

bamboo surface

the so-called bamboo surface, is the flour after rub and use & other; Bamboo & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; MAO bamboo rolling panel, let the dough with the human body gravity force uniform pressure of noodles.

netizen: support whose proprietor stove

@ bear meow doctor: this price is quite cheap, but quality is not particularly high, but it is the smell of old noodle shop in guangzhou. According to the domestic food prices now, well done, must be shiny appearance, sell at high prices.

@ bowl another side of the river: the myopia of the landlord. Is there a tenant can double the revenue?

@ LABS B: a famed person and a pig afraid of strong, don’t believe wen wu yi neighborhood to fit the garment place.

o @ fat fat boy mama: tried, super good taste, no matter which are moved to support. Guangzhou rarely out of the traditional craft.

@ sky blue sea blue: support whose proprietor stove, have you got any craft return afraid didn’t place & hellip; & hellip;