North island about the Nobel Prize winner: beast how living poet how to live

strong strom has so far only been published more than two hundred pieces, he is serious occupational psychologist crime. Friends in the north island, poetry writing this you should not become a professional, otherwise the poet is easy & other Throughout captivity &; , was lost to their career. (CFP/chart)

the north island and Thomas & middot; Strong strom is met friends for years. They met in Beijing in 1985, visit the Great Wall. In the early 1990 s, the north island living in Sweden, in the eight months of tough times, & other; If there is no friend in Sweden, I eighty percent early crazy. Throughout the &; Strong strom is one of these friends in Sweden.

they also appear in the Nobel Prize in literature candidate list for many times, and the dish on bets. In 2011, strong strom odds are: 2, came in second, final & other; Runner-up & throughout; Winning the lottery.

north island or strong strom of the translator in the first, 1984 published the north island “world literature” to Shi Mo pen name from translation in the English version of strong strom “six poems”. The north island later recalled: & other; We, by contrast, Chinese poetry was at a very low starting point. Throughout the &;

in the book of time rose of the north island, strong strom is nine master poet in one of the only two living poet. Look in the north island, this year’s Nobel Prize for literature awarded strong strom, is the pride of the Swedish academy: & other; Writing poems is originally should not be a professional, otherwise the poet can easily be & lsquo; Professional & rsquo; Destroyed. It’s like the difference between wild animals and livestock. Wild animal how to live can, the poet is how to live magic. Throughout the &;

strong strom is greater than the Nobel Prize

southern weekend: 15 years later, the Nobel again give bonuses to a poet. Why is he can win the respect? He deserves the respect?

north island: I have said that strong strom is greater than a Nobel Prize. The prize awarded him this year, is not so much pride, Thomas as the pride of the Swedish academy. Thomas’s position in world literature is recognized, multiple awards a prize doesn’t change anything less. That people don’t put the cart before the horse.

I’m in the strong strom: how to weld up dark soul of galaxy (income rose of the time), the article made a detailed analysis and summary. Readers have patience, you can read this article. I can only say that he is one of the world’s greatest poets since the 20th century, his poetry has become a part of human spiritual wealth.

southern weekend: strong strom formal career as a psychologist, his job until he retired (sick)? He’s the professional contact with his creation?

north island: more precisely he is criminal psychologists, mainly working in juvenile delinquency correctional facilities. I seldom asked about his work. I worked in the blue house said: & other; In my opinion, this profession is the nearest to poetry, poetry isn’t like a juvenile delinquent? Throughout the &; This word has a tongue-in-cheek part. If further examination, choose the psychology class I think Thomas and his childhood experience. In his memoir “memory saw me” (I put some pieces into Chinese, income book time rose) mentioned in his childhood trauma. Have seen these memories, you will understand, in fact, in a sense, the poet (or everyone) patients, writing is a kind of psychological therapy. In the beginning of the memory to see me, he compared life to a comet, head the most densely populated part of people’s childhood, the principal characteristics of life has been decided at that stage.

southern weekend: strong strom enjoys great respect in Sweden? I mean the ordinary people. Reading poetry in European countries such as Sweden, is a common?

north island: Thomas almost a household name in Sweden. It has to do and Sweden’s emphasis on culture. It is said that Sweden is acquisition volume one of the highest per capita in the world. I have a plane, sitting next to a Swedish engineer. Talking about Thomas with him, he said to buy every Thomas newly published poems. This is a very common phenomenon in Sweden.

southern weekend: strong strom only published more than two hundred poems, is the Nobel Prize for literature works in the history of a minimum number of a poet. What do you think?

north island: Thomas is a model of fewer but better. A person to write a good poem is the poet, a poet wrote one thousand poems bad or not. Zhang Jiping poem “the present paper arrives at an inter pretation” in the tang dynasty history of neutrality. Thomas wrote more than two hundred poems, but each capital is nearly perfect.

southern weekend: once you describe strong strom after stroke with his left hand to write manuscript & other; Like after the earthquake as a result, the messy & throughout; , strong strom in the creation of after a stroke is how to do? What is the difference between before and after the stroke of creation?

north island: he and his wife monica had give me his manuscript, it is written in the book of 16 open cross on this, it has repeatedly been altered, apparently carefully. Stroke right hemiplegia caused by 1990, he had to use left hand to write, to play the piano. He not only has not interrupt writing, even reached a new peak, in 1996 published poetry anthology “sad Kang Du pull” is proved. As far as I know, he wrote much less over the years, mainly in the form of haiku.