North Korea last princess to the Chinese history books to learn the tactics The Japanese thugs bloodshed

introduction troublous times

in December 13, 1863, has not yet adult Li Xi changdeok palace in Seoul of benevolent governance on the door in a hurry all persons involved champions league, he reigned as lee’s north Korea’s 26th emperor, later known as & other; The emperor & throughout; . And his father lee is should, will naturally become the real ruler of the old country: inspect the regent.

this year, China’s taiping rebels and lost ground in the dadu river, sweeping out the inside of qing dynasty, with light into the world of zte; This year, and suppress the tsarist Russia Poland in recent history’s largest against Russia occupy movement; This year, the American civil war a reversal, the northern army at the battle of Gettysburg defeat south army; This year, Japan’s buffer region samoyed Francisco warriors and war, the British empire known & other; Where the event & throughout; , and since then act forces start & other; Throughout the founding &; Policy, as the Meiji restoration.

in the near future, China, Russia, the United States or Japan are looking lifted from their own body, in the & other; Balkan peninsula in the east & throughout; On & hellip; & hellip;

empress myeongseong min I reflected, is the princess of lee’s north Korea dynasty the emperor, namely MinFei. In 1895 by a Japanese thugs bloodshed. Name Gao Zonggai for Korean empire in 1897, self proclaimed himself, will MinFei chase Shi & other Empress myeongseong & throughout; .

in the history of the south koreans to empress myeongseong mixed reviews. Due to her early advocates of the open policy and the late force resistance the martyrdom and death, these let most of the south Korean people admire. With South Korea later historians call her & other; A great iron woman & throughout; .

this array eye

at the age of 16, door thin she was elected to the house, the princess don’t love rouge gouache, but prefer obtain guidance strategy type classics;

23 years old, she used an iron fist out regent monopoly state affairs;

32 years old, she was forced out of the house, but with the help of the qing government support to return to the temple after;

at the age of 45, she is Japanese thugs bloodshed and consumes resin generation & other; Iron woman & throughout; Death incense.

1866 & other; A baby & throughout; Min had elected to the house in the

the emperor Li Xi & other; Former & throughout; Zhe zong death when only 32 years old, no heir. Li Xi father is zhe zong’s Cousins. Li Xi son in his efforts to get into the qualification of the President and became a king. And he, naturally became the young master of the behind the scenes, the actual holders of power, he xing xuan courtyard jun.

however, compound the earth under your tread has a dynasty last phase. Facing western barrage percussion, compound person still follow blow open its doors for the suzerain before China’s policy of isolation. In order to & other; Royal majesty & throughout; The image of the project, of the compound in the early jun was determined to make their own & other; Building & throughout; Good repair. He is willing to pour the national human resources building, rebuilding had been burned Japanese gyeongbok palace. Which is his own, the opponents into their own hands the grand today is still the wedding photographs resort palace.

the emperor for three years, compound jun is 15 year old son, picking up brides. To prevent consorts inhibitions, his daughter-in-law candidate proposes the tough conditions, have a good today suitors18) away & other; Cars and house parents & throughout; The sense that the capitalists must all depression, no consorts dictatorship and the candidate itself to gentle virtuous, without government intervention.

he thought he was right. His wife Mrs Min had far in the tribe has a eight year old father of the little girl, named min reflected. But she is a man of noble birth home thin and exact compound js mi ammy. In March 1866, the Korean king wedding. Min had officially become a princess, she is 16 years old this year, the emperor at the age of 15.

1873 out regent monopolised as

have been poor MinFeiGang palace was different from other princess. She doesn’t like king Li Xi a racket, but all the drilling palace inside the study reading, such as “the spring and autumn period and the left’s biography”, “ce”, “historical records” of the ancient Chinese history books, counsel, or court political gossip stories “hate the same”, “biography of ren will show the queen,” ugly diaries, etc.

in the first three years, while MinFei harvest in the book, the useful life & other; Palace calculating & throughout; , snubbing her king Li Xi li shang palace with another woman, shortly after lee’s son.

perusal MinFei court seeks for the east, of course, understand & other; Mother with child throughout your &; Of reason. MinFei finally have to the child in 1871, she excited, and think that there can be in office from ordinary, remove the shadow. But poor babies spend days defecate, compound into the hill heal, children had died three days after taking medicine, this makes MinFei and more think that it is a deliberate compound king. Since then, the contradiction between compound jun and MinFei into the open, he accused MinFei can not give the emperor the successor to the reproductive health, and to stand out and jun li Shan for crown.

this side, MinFeiZheng counterattack. She make the scholars’ circle of Confucian scholars, dissatisfaction with compound jun manufacturing numbering over public opinion. Once, Confucian scholars choi ik-hyun on theory of hydrophobic compound, accusing it of missteps. MinFei use this opportunity to encourage the emperor & other; Leading & throughout; , and the compound out of Seoul, told him to participate in politics. Overconfidence compound directed his men to resign as a riposte, intention of government built on stilts, the potential threat. Kingdom MinFei already arranged the government, the opportunity to quickly added to bride’s family cronies court important position.

compound gentleman there, was forced to leave Seoul, announced retirement. So, jun elaboration for ten years in the yard of regime under the control of MinFei unexpectedly suddenly collapse. Due to the emperor natural cowardice, real power into MinFei consorts group, MinFei become after more than 20 years in north Korea’s actual rulers. In 1873, MinFei only 23 years old.