North latitude 30 ° strange image frequency generated “death spiral” area suspected prehistoric civilization

30 degrees north latitude amazing natural landscape

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on June 1, the north latitude 30 & deg; & middot; China “is to be launched in the CCTV international’s Chinese channel. Around the world, north latitude 30 & deg; Line and its nearby, is not only the cradle of human civilization, but also throughout a lot of mystery and the wonders of the world history. On the latitude, sanxingdui, pyramids and the mayan civilization such as mystery still waiting for people to explore. From China, north latitude 30 & deg; Across the region not only diverse terrain, abundant, and the landscape under well, culture is also rich and colorful, covers the wu yue from east to west, south, jingchu, bashu and CangQiang different culture type, such as, through the zhejiang, jiangxi, anhui, hubei, hunan, chongqing, guizhou, sichuan, such as nine provinces and autonomous regions. It is understood that the programme by CCTV four columns of the distant, build, and after hit the frontier line “coastal line” together constitute a “distant home” & other; Trilogy & throughout; .

there are still millions of earth is not the secret of human cognition, and the north latitude 30 & deg; Is a mysterious and strange latitude. On this unique parallel throughout the four great ancient civilizations, the mystery of the Bermuda delta, the famous pyramids of Egypt, and so on a number of unique peculiar natural and human phenomena & hellip; & hellip;

whether coincidence or invisible doomed, north latitude 30 & deg; Line is a can cause people to focus on. So, this is the bizarre on the belt of what’s going on? Why so mysterious and interesting phenomenon? And how did this magic belt appear?

& ndash; & ndash; Bizarre & ndash; & ndash;

on the parallel, and strange countless

here is the earth mountain peak of mount Everest is located, is the deepest bottom of the mariana trench in the western Pacific hiding place, is the world’s major rivers, such as Egypt, the Nile, the Euphrates river in Iraq, China’s Yangtze river and the Mississippi River in the United States, are all in this latitude line into the sea.

even more mysterious and capricious, the parallel and many of the world’s refractory famous mysteries of nature and civilization. For example, built on the continent of the earth gravity center of the ancient pyramids of Egypt, and is difficult to solve the riddle of the sphinx, the legendary trances sinking, and is in a blue funk & other; The Bermuda triangle & throughout; And that countless centuries of human ancient mayan ruins & hellip; & hellip; These amazing ancient buildings and puzzling the mysterious land of gather in this, can’t help but make people feel abnormal suspicious and surprise.

& other; North latitude 30 & deg; Have always been troubled areas, earthquakes, volcanoes, disaster, disaster, etc. Throughout the &; Disaster expert jian-hua gu said China seismological bureau, the line is often place, plane, ship crash people customarily call this area & other Death spiral area throughout the &; . If the north latitude 30 & deg; Line up and move 5 & deg; Or so, once again we was surprised to find that in the north latitude 35 & deg; Line is near, the horrific earthquake near death. The disastrous earthquake in this area, the magnitude in 7 deaths in more than 2000 people, or more than dozens of times.

the latitude line why would become a puzzling, one strange thing, evil malaise, mysterious zone disasters? They are incidental coincidence, there are still some rules? Guess and assumptions, continuously and consistently negative, but the planes and ships are to crash.

& ndash; & ndash; Guess & ndash; & ndash;

aliens? Or prehistoric super civilization?

on the latitude of mystery, some scientists think that there are two kinds of explanation, one is the traces left by the aliens visited earth, is a modern human civilization, had appeared before the senior human prehistoric civilization. More and more people more believe one explanation, after scientists on earth civilization evolution model has been proposed. Archaeologists think, is born to the 4.5 billion – year history of the earth, life on earth has experienced five extinctions, and die, the cycle, the last time before the mass extinction took place in 65 million. Someone can conclude, existed advanced civilization life on earth 2 billion years ago, but unfortunately destroyed in a nuclear war or huge natural disaster. The passage of almost one hundred million to erase all traces of civilization, leaving only few belongings, into the mystery of the rise of modern humans.

there are also people who believe that the destruction of the previous advanced civilization, because the earth’s climate cyclical changes, or because the earth’s magnetic field of periodic disappear, are going to space on a particular location in the solar system, and the earth will appear periodically don’t adapt to the climate of human survival, the earth’s periodic climate change will lead to the origins and evolution of intelligent life cycle.

of course, that is just on, or just some speculation. But north latitude 30 & deg; Line quirky, frequent complex mystery how much impact our perspective and thinking: this is not a simple artificial division of the earth’s latitude.

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mysterious phenomenon from the interior of the earth

why north latitude 30 & deg; There are so many strange phenomenon? Geology department of Peking University professor guo-qi he think: the earth in the process of spinning, if you have any changes in the rate of it, it will occur on the whole some deformation, speed up the time is slightly flattened at the poles to the equator where slightly swelling; In turn, the direction of the poles to extend slightly, the direction of the equator are squashed, it alternately, can cause the earth to a certain latitude of the emergence of some geological processes. Earth’s rotation, causing internal different latitude have different force.

geophysicists argue that the earth consists of seven major parts, the seven major parts of six large plates in the transition of transition zone suture line north latitude 30 & deg; (or near). Drift in the process of plate in the geological history period, some diving, some is lifted. Crustal movement is not just limited to the level movement, in the modern ocean, newborn crust (oceanic crust) generated continuously, deep mantle material from the earth’s constantly, submarine volcanic and seismic activity is very frequent, it is easy to understand, why tectonic active transition zone.

about north latitude 30 & deg; Each kind of mysterious phenomenon, China seismological bureau He Chuansong, “says Dr. It should come from the interior of the earth. May be the earth’s magnetic field, the differences between the gravitational field and electric field as well as other physical quantities. Bermuda is likely to be caused by the magnetic field, and the qinghai-tibet plateau uplift may be due to the plate collision, it is one of today’s fastest uplift area.