Northeast man leave the word “whole” reflect personality frankness chipper

a & other is in the northeast dialect; Throughout the whole &; Words in the northeastern people frequent conversations, childhood. & other; Throughout the whole &; Roughly equivalent to the southerners say & other; Make & throughout; Or & other Make & throughout; . But in the northeast, this & other; Throughout the whole &; The connotation of the word is rich in southern & other; Make & throughout; Or & other Make & throughout; , it can represent a significant number of verbs, shoulder the task of the a lot of, in the northeast in the charge.

there is a about & other; Throughout the whole &; Jokes, said is a northeast people encounter with a southerner working in Beijing, they share a house. One day, the southerners to buy two packs of spicy flavors of instant noodles, cooked after two people started to eat. The northeast people don’t like spicy taste, then complained: & other; A good face, too too hot, how to do? Throughout the &; Southerners no understand ask: & other; & lsquo; The whole & rsquo; What is mean? Throughout the &; The northeast people feel a little don’t understand, say it easy said, & other; & lsquo; The whole & rsquo; I mean to eat. Throughout the &; At night, from the south to toilet is convenient, found that sit clogged, dirt overflows, he shouted to the northeast. The northeast person, desperately said: & other; Mama ah! This can do! Throughout the &; Southerners retch up immediately.

the northeast people seem to have an instant also cannot leave the & other; Throughout the whole &; Words. The fields, streets, a & other; Throughout the whole &; Letter words, everywhere all is, listening to the sounds to & hellip; & hellip;

a: & other; The whole (dry, do & hellip; & hellip;) What brother? Throughout the &;

b: & other; Ah! I this is not the whole (shovel, kind of, cut & hellip; & hellip;) To do it. Throughout the &;

a: & other; Don’t the whole (dry, making & hellip; & hellip;) The house on the whole (drink, drink & hellip; & hellip;) Two cup too! Throughout the &;

b: & other; You can pull down, can the whole (fool, deception, arrogation & hellip; & hellip;) Make of it. Son home with two potatoes, LaoNianMen son to your house the whole (decoct, fry, boil, braise & hellip; & hellip;) Out what food? Throughout the &;

a: & other; What to do, I am in the whole reservoir (fishing, fishing, fishing & hellip; & hellip;) Two flowers silver carps back! Throughout the &;

a & other; Throughout the whole &; Words, the northeast person does not say straight plain with bright and clear, generous personality; A & other; Throughout the whole &; Words, express the kanto culture extensive and profound and open-minded tolerance. To the northeast, the northeast people constantly with you say & other; Throughout the whole &; . Of course, are kind-hearted northeast villagers don’t want someone & other; Throughout the whole &; Things, & other Throughout the whole &; Offers, & other Throughout the whole &; People, it is best to the ans here & other; Throughout the whole &; Two tao bottom visceral solid clacking, & other; Throughout the whole &; Two kanto shochu, & other; Throughout the whole &; Something serious, & other; Throughout the whole &; Some really emotional.