Northern song dynasty famous writer zhou dunyi seed guilin celebrating traditional “girl’s day”

China news agency, July 2 (Reuters) (Tang Mengxian) on July 2, guangxi guilin jiang ling chuan county head villagers families zongzi, kill chickens slaughtered ducks, married daughter XieEr and women, carrying a gift back to the bride’s family reunion, working outside the guy with the girl I love also home to meet future in-laws.

14 day is lunar may, jiang head the villagers gathered in front of of primitive simplicity and elegant oi-lin ancestral temple, a series of grand activities, their one thousand – year – old tradition festival celebrated & ndash; & ndash; The girl day.

the villagers creates a beautiful, clever lotus nun 1 on sedan cruise. The village men, women, and children put off firecrackers, blowing tonggu, suona, jump lotus yangge dance, lion dance, twisted village tour. Young girls in festival costumes, dance, young men and women friends to the party in the holiday period, to sing folk, & other; Girl’s day & throughout; Also became a local young man & other; Valentine’s day & throughout; . The villagers also performed CaiDiao YuGu, guilin guilin local traditional opera, etc. Distinctive folk custom activity, attracts many Chinese and foreign tourists and photographers.

the villagers from their ancestors had just moved to river village head, had a traditional agricultural life, then in the village out of a smart beautiful girl, she is not only practical, but also has a kind heart, ready to help others, she taught many villagers farming and textiles. Later, the girl in the dongshan cave feather hsien, later generations regarded her as & other; Dongshan gu & throughout; . Since then, the lunar calendar on May 14, the villagers held a series of grand memorial to remember the & other; Dongshan gu & throughout; And form & other; Girl’s day & throughout; In the traditional festivals, for fangyuan dozens of several villages celebrating.

according to introducing, jiang tou village more than one thousand years of history, is rich in culture. Villagers here are mostly surnamed zhou, is China’s northern song dynasty famous litterateur, philosopher and the founder of zhou dunyi’s descendants. The villagers have been adhering to the literature family heirloom, and talented people. Zhou dunyi wei said that “in singing & other; The silt but not imbrued, zhuo QingLian but not demon & throughout; Lotus of moral character, handed down by the river’s head villagers inheritance has formed today’s sincerity, harmony, nice, good, dedicated & other; Jiang head chau oi-lin culture & throughout; .

historical records, the village of Ming and qing dynasties had hundreds of people — not just, more than 160 official. In the village still keep have a spectacular, exquisitely patterned & other; Oi-lin clan academy & throughout; During the Ming and qing dynasties buildings such as more than 180 180. Inheriting the unique & other; The imperial palace Chinese culture & throughout; .

the village of historic sites, cultural background of the deep, in the ancient villages in guangxi enjoy & other; Jiang head number of historical and cultural relics throughout the first &; The reputation. Jiang village in 2005 was awarded the first & other; China’s most valuable ancient villages throughout the &; In 2006, was the first in the ancient villages in guangxi was published by the state council and other National key cultural relics protection units throughout the &; . The