Northern song dynasty female artist worth gold Small family not regenerate the girls (FIG.)

northern song dynasty song and dance female artist is not a vase, whereof every one skills.

hutch niang song dynasty brick billiton figure.

starred in song dynasty are female artist.

& other; Rouge tiger & throughout; , & other Hedong roar & throughout; To prove the strength of the song dynasty women, with the social background of that time is inseparable from the. Northern song dynasty and the difference from other dynasties is the awakening of the human consciousness, outstanding performance at an all-time high for two kinds of people: one is the literati, the second is a woman. The song dynasty women alongside the body, with a career of their own. They use smart talent and hard work to realize dream, care for family, has won the position.


not rebirth reborn male female

& ndash; & ndash; Female artist worth game gold

the royal capital big style, at the feast the festive birthday are keen to band, vocational school, lively, please. The royal band, all is square 28 eyebrow in the United States, when they pass, will cause a stir. Young man inexplicably excited to blow whistle, rushed to offer the fruit, a bunch of flowers with frequently put magic eye glasses. People make track for a star as modern, abnormal crazy.

from the great cities of Tokyo, linan & other; Command system & throughout; See, royal called is female artist. Those activities such as singing, a lively group Piao sing, called fruit (above is popular singing art of song dynasty), drama, puppet show, etc are led by female artist.

these actresses aren’t treasures outside its, will only hair dia vase, they all have a real deal, playing Musical Instruments, dance gun lane stick, assigned to write lyrics, all fine, still can perform in public riding donkey hit, play chess, address history, drum music, shooting, drama, lyrics fu, really is the best sample skill set in one of the performers. See the four lead record documented said CiSheng queen mother has not entered the palace, often play a roll of money, she throw out the copper wire can rotate on the ground and more side. After it spread into the palace, she was characteristic series into the palace. Since then, talent became hard to royal big draft standard.

a talent the best female artist was worth thousand Min officer vouchers. If she is not only good at singing as well as, one day can easily get hundreds of stamps, wages and giants & other; For delay to the day rolls with gold hair pin & throughout; . Officials in this consumer never stingy, a gratuity to tens of thousands. Anyway, all in the name of a study public, not just is & other; Too simple, sometimes naive & throughout; . The nouveau riche spend more on his high horse. They like the arty, like those of a beautiful young female artist and the novelty of experience. These people hire business, with money every day, holding around corners, the female artist of the lift is higher. At that time, no prominent position and the small family of social relations, a general girl for the eye. Gave birth to the boy, cry piteously exclamation hard luck. If gave birth to the girl, the whole family happy, that’s & other; Hence to make the world parents’ heart, not rebirth reborn female & male throughout; This poem of realism. Parents hope girl to hurry and grow up, to choose the appropriate skills to her word, and then up for grabs, looking forward to one day pretty women, the whole family.

the song and yuan period drama “the official description: children” portrays an officer the second generation of make track for a star. The name is yan hong shou horse enthusiasts to spread joy female ci-poetry Wang Jinbang admired, love to can’t control. Wang Jinbang does have an idol that fit her & other; As thirty-three in female, seventy-two hole hole immortal, has the capacity of drop-dead gorgeous, an appearance. Magpie fly on top, like jade pool beneath the fairy; Rabbit walked around, if not Heng moths from YueDian & throughout; . Yan hong life of horse even willing to give up left home industry, go with Wang Jinbang & other; Ran the state house, clothes for food & throughout; And vowed & other; Not rich, don’t go to bitter attack, but only teach two eyebrow shu & throughout; . Is this crazy at a time when many young men have been empty. Practical and versatile, young beautiful beautiful female artist leads to their souls, to soothe the depressed and disappointed, they somehow become dreams of countless people.