Norway will open 100 years ago, the mysterious package (figure) letter closed

“city express” reported on August 26, 1912, the Norwegian sailor’s mayor John & middot; On to commemorate the victory of the battle, sealing a package for the city council, the envelope is addressed to & other; In 2012 to open & throughout; . 100, well-preserved, people keep the agreed not to open it. Beijing time on August 25, zero hour 35 points, the Norwegian opened the parcel. The 8.9 cm thick, 3 kg parcel, after all?


25 PM or so, package opening ceremony officially began in one hundred, the museum curator take on stage, the parcel carefully remove the items in the parcel.

the whole opening ceremony lasted about 8 minutes, curator of the first took a lot of letters from a parcel and a bunch of files, and then is a pile of ribbon, the ribbon are mainly composed of the color of the Norwegian flag.

in addition, there is a piece of old newspapers in the parcel, according to introducing, this published reports of Carl horse campaign in 300 to commemorate.

wrote letters? Reported in the newspaper? Until the museum, after detailed study to be unveiled.

uttar town located 290 kilometers north of Oslo, capital of Norway. On August 26, 1612, Denmark, Norway and Sweden Carl horse between war is in full swing, uttar town around the Norwegian farmers spontaneous militias, miraculous victory over Sweden hired mercenaries of Scotland.

on August 26, 1912, the three hundredth anniversary of the battle, then uttar town of sailor city downtown, long John & middot; On the seal up a parcel, and wrote in the above sentence & other; In 2012 to open & throughout; , and then in a few years will this mysterious parcel hosting for the city council, and parliament will be content to always keep it in today.