Nostrils elder brother little short legs mocking sheep relics MOE as big search (map)

angry birds: shang dynasty bronze owl You

& other; Mocking face & throughout; And & other Natural stay & throughout; : pottery lying sheep

after not long ago a bronze relics known as & other; Angry birds version & cultural relics throughout; Later netizens recently posted a lot of China’s ancient cultural relics and other Sell MOE & throughout; According to evoke a wave of weibo. A pair of & other pottery lying sheep; Natural stay & throughout; Of expression; With & other; The small apple face & throughout; The late shang dynasty leather owl honour of acme & hellip; & hellip; The amazing & other; The ancients a sell MOE, god stop & throughout; At the same time, some netizens interested in those of cultural relics, through online communication and check information, insight into the cultural roots.

cultural relics group & other; Sell MOE & throughout;

on December 15, a weibo user uploaded a group of cultural relics, a total of 7. The post according to its shape characteristics, it is only to their respective very happy feeling modern names, including: & other; Angry birds & throughout; , namely, shanxi museum shang dynasty bronze owl You (away); Peng, the shang dynasty stone carving bear; Little short legs, the western zhou dynasty bird patterns form an ancient rabbit; The elder brother of the nostrils, namely the warring states bronze horse head type of gold or silver car; & other; Expression is very embarrassing, tight leopard print & throughout; The head leopard body town in tang dynasty tomb of beasts; & other; Mr Zuma & throughout; , existing in the overseas shang dynasty bronze birds and animals; Sheep and pottery. & other; That’s great, all are good! Throughout the &; & other; Must be someone across the back and left. Throughout the &; Comments in a piece of praise. The net friend & other; Small LingZi 16 & throughout; Said the selling of lovely is constant, let a person happy & other; Especially in seeing some of of cultural relics, I will laugh, feel the ancients of lovely. Throughout the &;

nostril elder brother: the warring states bronze horse head type of gold or silver car