Not “upset” farmers 26 years insisted on hakka folk music collection when skelleftea”

a mei country in guangdong province town of let go, 56 Zhang Binghui in the eyes of the locals is a not & other; Return & throughout; Farmers, only primary culture of him, not good farming, is obsessed with the hakka folk culture of farmers, 26 years adhere to collect hakka folk items, and historical relics, and keepeth company with harlots spendeth his substance, travels three provices provinces hakka region, is collected from more than 50000 local farmers in the eyes of & other; Poor & throughout; .

into the changs, like entered a hakka folk museum. Two-story building, upstairs and downstairs hall, room, hang on the walls of the old calligraphy and painting, wall hanging, clothing, etc., the earth is filled with ancient furniture, porcelain, bronze, etc. The collection of high-quality goods, such as water wheel kiln porcelain in tang dynasty, the first year of emperor guangxu give celebrities in hakka area of plaque, imperial, etc. For long time, most of these items color dark old, some even mottled, incomplete. & other; In the eyes of many farmers, they are actually broken, but in my eyes is the baby a knot. Throughout the &; Zhang Binghui said with a smile.

Zhang Binghui obsessed hakka folk collection comes from his mother’s death. Zhang Binghui’s mother died in 1986, according to the tradition of the hakka people, the old man died, his family would take most of the items she had used such as bed, the furniture such as burn or lost. See mother was used, seem to see mother’s shadow, immersed in the grief of Zhang Binghui regardless of everyone’s discouraging, resolutely left mother all belongings.

since then, the Zhang Binghui initiation & other The hakka region of folk life items collected throughout the &; Ideas. & other; Although I no culture, but I know that each piece of handed down from ancestor hand goods, have the shadow of the hakka living in ancient times, is very precious. Throughout the &; Zhang Binghui said.

in more than 20 years, in order to these and other Poor & throughout; , Zhang Binghui like possessed, farm work also quit, also in the home most of the revenue. & other; When he heard that who have ancestors left items, he rushed immediately buy it at all, no money, borrow money. Throughout the &; Lu Xiaofen Zhang Binghui’s wife said.

Zhang Binghui and his wife usually rely on farming and kinds of fruit trees, nearly ten thousand yuan, a year’s income spent on collecting, basically a few years ago because of collection is more and more big, he often borrow money from others. For his family this crazy, don’t understand, try their best to persuade him to give up, but eventually the persistence he. & other; To see him so devotion, spend so much effort, to stop him. Throughout the &; Lu Xiaofen said.

originally, Zhang Binghui only in the surrounding villages, the villages and towns to collect hakka folk living supplies, later to other cities, and then development to the surrounding provinces of fujian, jiangxi and other places. More than 20 years of long road collection, with his vehicle is a motorcycle. & other; Riding a motorcycle to the countryside is more convenient and save money. Throughout the &; Zhang Binghui said he furthest distance is riding a motorcycle ran more than 200 kilometers a day.

recently, Zhang Binghui collection deeds slowly in meizhou collectors, many collectors are moved by his spirit. Mei country intends to make room for him a exhibitions at the museum, on display his collection of hakka folk custom products. & other; Zhang Binghui collection spirit is very rare, and what his collection for passing on hakka culture also has a certain significance. Throughout the &; Mei country hakka museum curator di-guang zhu said.

Zhang Binghui behavior is gaining recognition, for which he was pleased, & other; I now the biggest wish is hope that by showing off their collection of hakka folk custom item, let the hakkas offspring, and more people understand the hakka culture, hakka culture. Throughout the &; Zhang Binghui said.