Not what person all can learn tea: making a tea at least eight years

it can be said that five thousand years & other; Tea and rice & throughout; Is za a most of China’s ordinary life, the old saying said & other; Three tea six rice & throughout; Life rich, & other; Not easy & throughout; Said the basic well-off, & other; Bread & throughout; Is said that a simple life. Is up to now, the pace of life very fast of guangdong, Hong Kong & other; Three tea two rice & throughout; Is indispensable. Also in the most important event of the family marriage life, three tea six li from dating to marriage ceremony the most key of etiquette. Now the importance of tea in people’s life and the sublimation. From & other; Daily necessities sauce vinegar tea & throughout; To & other; The unique romance poem liquor tea & throughout; Tea has been everywhere. In American politics, in addition to the two republican and democratic parties, and & other; The tea party & throughout; .

because of tea has a long history, rich connotation, & other; Tea culture is a basket, to anything inside & throughout; Fairy, of all stripes, box, conformity and dare to flaunt oneself is experts; Black tea, black tea both can publish tea culture monographs, never one tea even offered tea art training class. What’s more, the western dozens of countries, in China they just see black oil moisten black tea, apple don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t the truth, only see the surface nature of self-righteous call this magic Oriental leaves & other; Black tea” , that black tea is black tea, and refused to make amends, a wrong in the end, a call is hundreds of years.

the tao & other; Tea, tea and learn, remember names throughout the &; , but by learning to describe too much. Although it is not as good as missile test satellite launch that emphasizes a matter is poor, but a small leaf can research for decades, is the dream of many people with the facts. Zhejiang university tea science, this is a national key disciplines, first domestic tea science PHDS awarded unit. You may be very curious, a piece of tea contains so many knowledge really? Can let a person from undergraduate to postdoctoral study for ten years? Really is extensive and profound.

thick domestic calculate, there are 21 provinces tea, tea with a large population, if the kind of tea and tea, tea, tea, etc in the tea all together, about ninety million. Can say a little exaggerated, a tea trade development history is the history of China’s business development and foreign trade. Salt merchants selling is the largest two China’s oldest and largest trade industry, & other; Tea is, salt is a vendor & throughout; , what does tall what is low, take in everything in a glance. Jin hui without exception, are predominantly tea business to grow. To check, the tea is the ancestor of China’s financial sector, the tea needs a lot of money in the process of buying and selling is not convenient to carry and can thus derived different ground settlement huitong the world bank.

when it comes to foreign trade, so tea is China to the world of business CARDS. Since 1680, when the order after let go, the leading actor on the stage, tea became a trade for the next hundred years, the tea export accounts for all across the country, about half of the total amount of export goods, had reached the peak of history in 1886 AD, the proportion of the year is 62%. Until now, which kind of goods such as tea in China has yet to affect the world’s nerves. Due to the large number of tea export Britain, qing empire of Britain’s huge trade surplus, helpless, the British government only in opium impact to China.

imagine such an important country pillar, so nice, the food in the art of such kind of household items, so how can healthy noble beverage not & other New-confucianism & throughout; . Understand tea science, needless to say basic course, etc., is the main course & ndash; & ndash; Biochemistry cultivation, breeding, tea, tea, etc., each door is a magnificently million word tome, light after reading these books will be two years, three years professional operation practice and theory. Fried longjing tea, for example, will be made & other small tea leaves to fry Cui flat, smooth, color, shape beauty, aromas, green & throughout; The dried tea, how many time to practice! & other; Three years of the qing pan, five years fai pan & throughout; (the two main methods of longjing tea making), before and after eight years in a kind of tea, but also learn to making learning deeply, is really deep, & other; A year to learn farming, ten years hard sell tea. Throughout the &;

in tea talk, XiangYuan, & other Throughout the next &; Tea is better to drink!


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