Novel, 50 kinds of ash, British and American popular thering is no lack of explicit sex description (FIG.)

50 kinds of grey author EL James. File photo


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in the first half of this year, a British and American media called & other; Mommy porn & throughout; Popular novel Fifty kinds of ash (looking Shades of Grey) in countries such as Britain and America crazy, repeated sales records.

according to a report in Britain’s the guardian, the 50 kinds of grey trilogy in Britain had sold 100000 copies within a week, and this week sales of 205130 broke the previous record 141000 paperback book sales. Trilogy listed has sold over 765000 copies in two months, while the British history’s most popular paperback novels, Dan & middot; Mr Brown’s the Da Vinci code took six months to complete the sales figures.

the author of “fifty kinds of grey trilogy EL James (EL James) is in London, a television producer, has not published literature, can be said to be real & other Amateur writer & throughout; . Novel was first published in the network, is about a female college students and passion between a young rich merchant entwine, including sexually explicit description, its best-selling depends on middle-aged and old women. Publishers wrote in the slogan of the book, & other; Trilogy is considered for mature readers erotica. Throughout the &;

at present, the 50 kinds of grey trilogy in the United States and Canada sold a total of 15 million copies, accumulative total sales in the UK also has reached 2.75 million.

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