Now 7:59:6 on July 1, 0 phenomenon since the changing earth slow computer need to manually adjustable

due to the earth’s rotation speed slow down, for today’s 7:00 59 it for a minute, will contain 61 seconds, rather than the usual 60 seconds. According to introducing, the international earth rotation service organization and the international bureau of earth time according to the variation of earth rotation announced that the world in the UK, June 30, 2012 23:59:59 GMT will add a second, remember to 23:59:6 0, then the next day 00:00:00. Relative to the Beijing time, is also a sacrifice on July 1, add a second, special phenomenon appears 7:59:6 0, then 8:00:00. This is the third time since 2000, appear & other; A leap second & throughout; The phenomenon.

want to adjust the time? Mobile phone automatically adjust time

as early as in January this year, we will know to leap second today. The international earth rotation service organization and the international bureau of earth time is usually release the information to leap second half a year in advance.

generally a minute is 60 seconds, but because of leap seconds, can appear the phenomenon of 61 seconds in a minute. This year, the world in the UK at midnight Greenwich mean time on June 30, 2012, namely: 23:59:59 on June 30, 2012, add a second, a 23:59:6 0, then the next day 00:00:00. Because China in & other; Throughout the east eight area &; , so, corresponding to the Beijing time is 7:59:59 on July 1, 2012. Leap 1 second, appear 7:59:6 0, then 8:00:00. & other; The day on July 1, a second more. Throughout the &;

& other; 61 seconds, we add to the human, then, we’ll show the atomic clocks & lsquo; 7:59:6 0 & rsquo; In the usual seems incredible time. Throughout the &; National center for timing the time-frequency benchmark Dong Shaowu said, director of the laboratory, the world’s atomic clocks will appear & other; & times; : & times; : 60 & throughout; Strange time.

according to introducing, the national center for timing the frequency reference laboratories has long been ready, today in Beijing time 7:59:59 leap second adjustment and global synchronization, a special phenomenon 7:59:6 0. Dong Shaowu said, however, that the extra 1 second, don’t with everybody. & other; Mobile phone time from communication stations, automatic adjustment. General watch hand against television, radio, radio table can be adjusted automatically. Most of the computer, need to manually adjustable, if the computer installed the software, when a school can be automatic alignment. Throughout the &;

the next will be what time? No law can’t calculate

& other; Because the earth’s rotation is irregular, the emergence of a leap second is normal. Throughout the &; It was reported that since 1972, a total of 24 leap seconds.

a leap second is no rules to follow, since 1998, seven years in a row without experiencing leap seconds. That period of time, there’s been speculation that the earth’s rotation has been accelerated, may appear & other; Have a negative leap second — & throughout; . However, this & other; Have a negative leap second — & throughout; Do not appear in the end. In 2006 New Year’s day, people welcomed another leap seconds; Before New Year’s day 2009, a leap second came into being. & other; This time compared to the last time a leap second, separated by more than three years, is also the third leap seconds into the 21st century. Throughout the &; Dong Shaowu said.

when is the next leap second will? , experts say, no rules to follow, to say, sometimes three to five years leap 1 second, sometimes leap 1 second, 67. 1 second, this can’t be easily ignored, as one scientist says, Canada & other; Due to the reason of leap seconds, every 600 years of accumulated & lsquo; Extra & rsquo; The time for 30 minutes, can be more than 1, 1000 hours. Throughout the &; If you don’t add a leap second, maybe seventy-eight thousand years later, the two in the afternoon to sky as the sun, will affect people on earth’s schedule.

why there will be a leap second? The earth’s rotation are getting slower and slower

& other; The earth from birth to now, might have appeared innumerable leap seconds, have been accumulated for 1 hour, and even a few minutes. Throughout the &; Dong Shaowu said, just no monitoring method in the past, people don’t know.

& other; This is the result of the earth’s rotation is more and more slow. Throughout the &; Dong Shaowu introduction, over the years, the world has not seen the phenomenon of negative leap seconds, that is to say, the earth’s rotation has never been faster and faster. It is more and more, let us have more and more long. According to scientists monitoring, and now the earth slow 1 millisecond every day. & other; The earth’s rotation has a lot of instruments in monitoring, there are a lot of parameters. Also in monitoring in our country. The monitoring data are Shared in the world, as well as 0.9 seconds is a key nodes. Once found is close to critical, will be announced a leap second half a year in advance. Throughout the &;

and why the earth’s rotation will be more and more slow? Purple mountain observatory of the Chinese academy of sciences, experts say, slow the earth and a variety of factors, one of the biggest scientists think relationship was from tidal friction. For the earth to drive the liquid, and the rotation of the gas requires energy; And, also can produce the sun, the moon for the earth. & other; The earth go slower and slower. Perhaps, walking can’t go any farther. Throughout the &; Experts say that this problem, scientists are still in research.

a second influence have how old? Some areas can not be ignored

& other; Tick & throughout; A 1 second. Dong Shaowu said, for the average person, one second is nothing, and will not affect people’s lives, even in an instant by in the blink of the eye in the past. Because, people in daily life are often not accurate & other; Seconds & throughout; .

the extra one second you will do? Some netizens said, bold to love affection; Some netizens said, sleep sleep over & hellip; & hellip;

however, for those who need to use the precision time division, 1 second error influence is very big. In power sector, power grid fault maintenance, power grid and grid interconnection between, you need to use precise time, if the error of 1 second, the consequences are likely to be the whole power grid, power outage or even collapse; In the network communication, for example, coordinated universal time is used in a lot of Internet standards, as the network time protocol is one of them. If the error of 1 second, the world will have so many computer messed up, causing confusion can’t imagine. Throughout the &;

the most terrible is in aerospace field. Dong Shaowu said, & other; Spaceship will fly almost 8 kilometers a second, if sent the 1 second, error is big, may offset the spacecraft orbit, the spacecraft landing sites may be miles behind, what’s worse is the safety of the ship will be a great threat. Throughout the &;