“Nude model” in the song dynasty sin: instantly and let the audience crazy upside down

this article from the fragmentary history amorous feelings, Zhao Yan, wuhan press

is very forgetful. Think that year, we had no clothes to wear, do not feel naked the value of what’s available, but they can find skins, to keep out leaves; Now put on clothes, instead see & other; Naked & throughout; Retailing, meet & other; Naked & throughout; Color change, causes & other; Naked & throughout; A Po for the tool, seemed to forget the past together & other; Naked & throughout; In the history. After all, or because people by their rules set up too long, especially for women most rules, so, women a & other; Naked & throughout; , the whole country is surprised.

recently, the National People’s Congress woman Sue purple purple & other; Naked & throughout; And red, heyday, received & other; Nude model & throughout; The appellation. To this, basic is a tendency of sliding in public opinion. ZanXuZhe think, miss Sue make public self, natural, is not the first to eat crab, but not the last one; Opponents argue that CiFengBuKeChang, students in academic, careful and method of poison society, and so on. Zhao Yan that, rather than who can convince who, might as well choose one: & other; Nude model & throughout; Neither a scourge, but also the nature original, is the main cause of the society itself caused by vanity.

, for example, according to historical records, the late northern song dynasty, the whole society advocating buckish, beautiful & other; Nude model & throughout; Also should be formed, gathered in GouLan WaShe masses such as places of entertainment, so that & other Street cry however & throughout; . To south after crossing, the out put.

of course, the northern song dynasty & other; Nude model & throughout; With today’s & other; Nude model & throughout; In comparison, in the same way, also have differences. The same place, no more than the name of the ear, the so-called & other; The world xi all for profit, the bustling for reward. , thousand by the king of thousands of hou, the Lord of the chamber, it is still suffering from poverty, moreover ordinary man? Throughout the &; & other; Nude model & throughout; Rise up, the first is fame, and then to profit, people made, earn rich team, through the ages are also. Similarities and differences, has the following four, you can go into more detail about, or can increase knowledge, widen the vision is.

first, the northern song dynasty & other; Nude model & throughout; Only the performance gap handsome & other; Naked & throughout; Time, equivalent to now slots of the United States eyebrow in sports dance, the purpose is to improve the view and admire a gender, service eyeball economy. According to the Tokyo recorded “wei menghua, Tokyo capital of song dynasty city & other; DongHuaMen, common peak, & hellip; & hellip; All WaShe pick up a jin (selected), often thousands of people to, its most characters, only & lsquo; Lead the guest & rsquo; Two, three, or dance, or out of hold up person, smiled, though you are popular. Throughout the &; Here & other; Lead the guest & throughout; , I mean & other; Nude model & throughout; , main task is to active the atmosphere, to attract the guest to see shows.

second, present nearly & other; Naked & throughout; , poets & other; Naked & throughout; Sweet shoulder or the legs. & other; Lead the guest & throughout; Can become GouLan WaShe stretch of, welcome by the audience, because they really than women at that time the courage, dare to bare some parts of the body, such as the dance intentionally show sweet shoulder, legs bare and so on, is arranged in the instant the skit is only for a moment, also can make the onlookers crazy upside down.

a & other; Lead the guest & throughout; And face pain-like, there were clowns pleasure asked why, she said, because of their beautiful, wife of shop-owner jealousy and twist her legs, and in public show snow-white thigh, indeed as expected a piece of black. The clown pleasure again: in the reader can have passion? With several people volunteered to power, & other; Lead the guest & throughout; Quickly took out a handkerchief to wipe black on the leg, is a design good early & other; Stunt & throughout; , who took office call yesterday, the outcry big yue. This may be the earliest Chinese showbiz stage the audience interaction.

the third, the northern song dynasty & other; Nude model & throughout; Sometimes also participate in stage performance, and random guest & other; The cashier & throughout; . & other; Lead the guest & throughout; Is generally vocational school (theatre) should bring along their own, in short, they are also set to play the role. Because they are very popular with the audience, belong to the big star, so temporary charge of live, by their responsibility, also can receive more money.

in the Tokyo recorded “wei menghua mentioned a team performance & other; White spray & throughout; Play, play the role of the white niang son is a well-known & other; Lead the guest & throughout; . The play was to administer section, & other; The white niang son & throughout; Opened up his sleeves, revealing the arms like white lotus root, end up full of paper tray, qian waist swinging like a serpent, step down turn for money with the audience, each audience out some money, take the paper bag, paper bag inside is not necessarily a medicine, or spice, or snacks. Characters in close contact with the fans, the scene atmosphere, the audience for what not to pay?

4, these and other Nude model & throughout; Very hard, they although popular, is just the boss make money tools. Song dynasty without the Internet, of course, no TV, radio, and huge newspaper circulation, fame can only rely on word of mouth. So, next higher popularity & other; Lead the guest & throughout; Also can be local celebrities, the lack of a national popularity. They work very hard, every day need continuous transformation pattern & other Naked & throughout; Many times, to attract and retain customers. They look pretty, & other again; Naked & throughout; Yourself, no laws and regulations to protect their personal safety, encounter like & other; Gao Yana & throughout; The same bad guest, first is unlucky & other; Lead the guest & throughout; .

by comparison, we can find that today’s & other; Nude model & throughout; Is too happy, literally & other; Naked & throughout; Once, only once is enough, take a video transmission on the Internet, and then to push operation, easily and comfortably is red, is & other; Network with no limit, as long as you dare to dry & throughout; .