Obama claims to citizens of the world: the whole cultural background is not a person

& other; 9 & middot; 11 & throughout; After that, I tell myself that you want to go to China. I have two goals: one is to understand China’s culture, learning Chinese; 2 it is to help those in need of help people, especially children. This is for self treatment.

I want to write an autobiography, soon after graduating from college, came to China, continue to write this book, but there are a lot of places are not ready yet. Three or four years ago, I suddenly began to really consider the problem of the relationship between my father and I my family problems, what I give up, the idea suddenly came, so I decided to write about this part of the father.

this may and I came to China to realize the importance of family.

I am a citizen of the world. Both China and the United States and Africa, more important similarities than differences. Did is a very important aspect of the cultural background, but it is not one of all.

David doesn’t like Africa, in the book because of Africa and his father. A long time, he feels father is & other; Black & throughout; And mom is & other; White & throughout; . He doesn’t like everything to do with his father, including the African culture. There is a in the book, David came to an orphanage. He held a black baby, the baby also hand clutching his fingers, his watery eyes looked at David. I don’t think the baby will want to in front of the person is Chinese or African, he only saw the love.

black and white is relative, actually should not always wear colored glasses to see the world.

hybrids to realize & other; Black and white and the relativity of & throughout; Takes time, but when he really aware of this, it will be a very valuable asset. China has the sentence is called & other; Great love without & throughout; , I never watch color, I only see her is the person I love. My mother married an African people in the 1970 s, this is a very great at the time, but also a very difficult thing to do. My mother said to me: & other; Don’t go to love a person’s skin color, to love a person’s inner. Throughout the &;

in everyone’s life, there are something happened at a certain moment let him stop and think about life, think about what to do in the future. In the United States after losing their jobs, for example I am thinking about the problem, and select came to China.

no matter & other; The Chinese dream & throughout; Or & other; The American dream throughout the &; , it’s all about people holding on to your dream and passion, try to pursue a more happy life. I am an American, even though I came to China, but my heart is still filled with the United States. & other; The American dream throughout the &; Not must be implemented in the United States, and other The Chinese dream & throughout; Too.