Object: play the part of illegal workers do drug tests, reporter to write the underlying in 30 years

gunter & middot; Mr Ralph

jie evening

on October 30, 1961, Germany and Turkey signed recruiting Turkey labor agreement, the first batch of 7000 Turkish workers on the road to the west, for the Labour shortage of west Germany after world war ii. 50 years later, in October 2011, Turkish immigrants in Germany through the story, their offspring in exotic suantiankula has become the focus of media and society. In many stories about people in Turkey in the press, a German old journalist’s name exposure rate is very high, he is gunter & middot; Ralph.

how a German journalist and in relation to the 50th anniversary of the Turkish immigrants? In 1983, Mr Musharraf was 41 years old, to understand the survival condition of foreign workers in Germany, pretend to labor into Turkey, and & other; Ali & throughout; The Turkish name with foreign labors to live and work together for two years. In cologne in Germany he bounced around work, on the outskirts of the stable, in the fish processing plant cleaning the garbage, shake hand organ in the street performers, in fast food restaurants sell hamburgers, wipe the table, sweep the toilet, in illegal workers, thyssen steel companies even worked as a research institutions as the test object. This period of life to let Mr Musharraf saw the survival condition of foreign workers is the most true, he away, wrote a popular bestseller “bottom” of Europe and Asia. In this book, he reveals the German companies to use foreign employees of tax evasion tactics and the kinds of behavior a serious breach of labor protection regulations, he’s the break my neck to finish the most difficult and onerous, one of the most dangerous task, pay little labor, rocked the German society. In Germany, the book a few degrees out of stock, many germans in a bookstore in front of the queue. In the Netherlands, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the book also has been a huge success, won the high appraisal. Since then, to help foreign workers, Mr Musharraf set up & other; Common throughout life support fund &; To foreigners, especially foreign workers to provide practical help. As a result, Mr Musharraf has become Turkish immigrants in the eyes of the hero, the media is called & other; Throughout the first German turks &; .

Mr Musharraf’s childhood love of writing, but for a living, young when he in several large enterprises and work all the year round. In hard work, his sensitive thinking, unique observation to record the life. In 1965, Mr Musharraf’s factory newspaper published his reportage, the records of plant life sincere words immediately won him a lot of attention. In 1970, the text collection, Ralph published work dream come true. Because of its workers, Mr Musharraf’s works has close relations with the working life, a special feeling to the bottom.

became a reporter, in order to get a first hand, the real material, Mr Musharraf has played much more than & other; Ali & throughout; This one role. In order to investigate the social ills, he played many thrilling, stimulating role.

in 1974, Mr Musharraf, 32, was distributed in Greece criticized the government’s leaflet, was arrested in Greece for more than a year of prison, released until the government was overthrown. In 1977, anwar Ralph aliases & other Hans & middot; Esser, & throughout; In well-known German newspaper bild in Hanover editorial department made a 3 and a half months, after that, according to his experiences in the editorial written in the novel “headlines”, revealed in bild reported by irresponsible way of investigation, and false news, political manipulation and other bad means, to the German people, the media, opinion brought great shock. During the gulf war in 1990, Mr Musharraf to Israel, and the holocaust survivors of the dialogue, and will rally into a book about the interview. In 1996, he had interviewed the PKK leader, abdullah abdullah, & middot; Ocalan, because Mr Ralph was playing & other; Ali & throughout; This role, abdullah abdullah, very friendly to him. In 2009, Mr Musharraf journey again and this time he turns into a black, for 14 months, he and a team across Germany, from west to east 6000 kilometers of complete 600 hours of film materials have been made. Anwar Ralph told people by video, Germany’s many areas still exist obvious or hidden racism.

nearly 70 – year – old Mr Musharraf in German history and a miracle in the history of documentary literature. His creation based on personal experience, make oneself more close to the description of the characters in the works. Though he has repeatedly because of the work of JieLouXing involved in litigation, or even a jail, but the brave people who still insist on to find out the truth.