Obscene photos erotic review websites speech Miss several stakeholders “mommy”

& other; Thought in the critique class web site to see is there any interesting leisure place, unexpectedly appeared in the top search by several clubs, netizen comments more explicit inside. Throughout the &; Mr. Wang yesterday, readers reflect, several well-known many a blush appeared on the website.

surprised site search out explicit comments

Mr Wang said that in order to celebrate the May Day holiday, yesterday he wanted to KDS reviews on the net to search for places of entertainment. Open & other; Top search & throughout; He saw a man named & other; Jin Zhonghuan pearl & throughout; Impressively in the column, then points in the comments.

& other; Thought is a good place to see the night scene, probably in a look, turned out to be a nightclub. Inside the net friend send images and comments are particularly striking, scared me. Throughout the &; Mr Wang said that although there are some net friend in the review of letters in English instead of Chinese name, but the basic can understand it.

& other; Site is open to all comments, so publicly comment on erotic services, one thousand were children see, influence is too bad for them. Throughout the &; He is worried about that.

random websites scales large

yesterday, the reporter found the nightclub in the review sites. In addition to the environment, services, and information such as per capita consumption, there are a lot of miss and service content review. Such as & other; Miss most of all not line, rarely encounter good, want to come to with MMS say 1200-1500 yuan or so in advance & throughout; & other; The decoration luxury, XJ, many are direct vacuum, the play is very open, dancing games at all, a play down consumption is not expensive. Throughout the &; & other; Business field, there is meat producers. Can call out, 1500-3000 yuan. Throughout the &; & other; Now most uniforms are vacuum. Also has a beautiful MM, but want to go early, age is not large, usually many of them are new, most of them are very good coax, personal feeling is easy to use. Throughout the &; & hellip; & hellip; In addition to written communication, Internet users to upload pictures of many dress sexy, even in very young woman.

reporter and search on the Internet and found several similar comments in comments on websites, mostly involving & other; Miss & throughout; & other; Mommy & throughout; & other; Mommy & throughout; Such words. In & other; Shanghai entertainment experience net & throughout; , miss more than net friend to KTV and nightclubs in appearance, feel is talk, the more superior revelation & other; Game meat & throughout; Within the service project, the speech is very explicit. In public comments on the Internet, although the small number of comments but the reporter also found in the Internet to upload the contents of exposed girls photo.

and confused why explicit comments appear

reporters call the chief of website of respectively. KDS comments on web content contacts, says Mr Guo KDS reviews rely mainly on internal system review online speech, without involving the illegal words, stipulated by the state system is hard to screening out the speech with sensitive content and delete them. To ensure that users can truly understand the content of the reviews online, basic don’t delete the netizen comments.

then, reporters call the public comments on the net customer service again. Each other, said website integrity system calculation formula, the system will automatically determine whether in comments involves the provisions of the state prohibited words, is not to do manual intervention in comments.

on this, the reporter advisory 12321 network bad and junk information reporting acceptance center. The personnel of the service said it will identify these comments on websites comments, to determine whether involving the Internet porn.

interns Cai Chen think our correspondent Jin Min yi